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Celebrate Diwali Kali Puja At Sree Vijaya Kali Ashram, Burlington

Manas Chatterjee

This year the Ashram has organized a very special surprise for all devotes on the occasion of Diwali Kali Puja.

On the new moon day of the Hindu month Kartik (Wednesday, 10/18/2017), Sree Vijaya Kali Durga Ashram, Burlington celebrated Diwali Kali Puja, also known as Shyama Puja. Kali Puja festival coincides with the pan-Indian Lakshmi Puja and Diwali.

Significance of Kali Puja

Sri Shyama Puja, Sri Shyama or Kali is one of the Mahavidyas (great knowledge) whose  sadhana (spiritual practice) revolves around time. Worshipping Sri Kali will bestow great longevity in sadhana for divine experiences. She is one of the main devatas of our ashram and worshipped as Vishwajanani (mother of the world).

Ma Kali is worshipped to destroy all evil in the world around us and the world within us. Legends has it that two asuras, Shambhu and Nishambhu, grew all powerful and disturbed the peace in heaven. To restore peace in heaven and on earth, the gods created Kali out of Durga's forehead. Kali, with her two escorts — Dakini and Jagini — set out to end the war by killing the demons.

On Diwali, Ma Kali is worshipped as a great Shakti, a Mahavidya and as divine wisdom and power; On Kartika Amavasya, she is worshipped as Shyama a more compassionate form merging the tatwa of Sri Krishna as well. While Diwali Kali puja is a time of power and protection, Shyama puja is time of compassion and Ananda. The Ananda tatwa of Kali is embossed in the worship of Shyama puja. Sri Krishna and Kali will merge together on this Amavasya day roaming in the Kunja vanas (divine gardens) in Brindavan in the aspect of Ananda tatwa. From both of their exquisite divine ecstasy emerges Devi Shyama; representing the compassionate and wrathful tatwas of both the deities.

All are invited to join us in our celebration of our divine mother, Sri Shyama Kali. For our devotees who are unable to attend Kali puja this Wednesday, the ashram will perform special Kali puja on Saturday (10/21/2017).

Sri Shyama Kali Puja is followed by Dipanwita Kali Puja on 19th, Shosti Kartik Puaj on 25th and Sri Jagaddhatri Puja on 27th. Please visit our website http://srikali.org  for scheduled timings, sponsorship and other details.


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