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NESSP Celebrates Navratri Festival In A Grand Scale

Press Release

New England Shirdi Sai Parivaar, celebrated the Sharad “Navratri Parva” starting September 20th through 30th. Navraatri is a nine day festival, dedicated to the worship of the Hindu Deity Durga in the nine forms and concludes with the victory over evil on the 10th day which is referred as “Vijaya Dasami”.

The first day of the Navratri started off with the Kalash Sthapana to maintain the auspiciousness and energy throughout the nine days followed by Navagraha pooja. Maata’s idol was also decked with beautiful garments and jewelry offered by the devotees all through the nine days.

Navratri Golu/Bommala Koluvu/Bombe Habba was set up, which holds great significance and is an integral part of the Navratri festival in South India. Dolls, Figurines and deities were collected from the devotees and placed in the golu. The beautiful golu attracted many devotees. The pooja rituals were done by the priest.

On the day 3 of Navratri,  Dandiya/garba raas was held at the temple, where all the men/women/kids immersed themselves with ultimate joy in the name of goddess. This was facilitated by professional DJ’s.

On the day 4 of Navratri, Devi khadgamala pooja, Lalitha Sahasranaama deepa pooja was performed and all the married women started off the Kumkum Pooja with lighting 108 lamps in front of the goddess. Everyone participated and enjoyed the bliss.

 As part of the Navratri, Kids cultural program was conducted where many kids (120) participated with lots of enthusiasm and showcased their talent in the presence of Sadguru.

On the day 7 of Navratri, Shakambhari alankaram was done to goddess Durga devi “The bearer of greens” with various varieties of vegetables . All the vegetables were used on the following day to make Prasad and serve to the devotees.

On the day 8 of Navratri Samuhika Akshara Abhyasam was performed on the auspicious day of Saraswathi Pooja where many kids participated and took the blessings of Goddess of Knowledge. The auspicious floral festival, “Bathukamma Panduga” was celebrated in the temple premises. This is one of the most unique festivals celebrated in Andhra Pradesh especially in Telangana region. Goddess Gowri is worshipped in the form of Bathukamma (Come Alive Mother Gowri). Beautiful flower stacks are arranged with different kind of flowers with most medicinal values. Immersion of bathukamma was also done in the temple. Devi homam was performed in the evening .

Day 10, On Saturday September 30th, Vijaya Dasami, which also happens to be Baba’s 99th Punya Tithi/Mahasamadhi, Shikar sthapana ( brief pooja ritual ) was done at the new temple in Groton.  Three ( 1big and 2 small) shikars were mounted on the temple’s dome.

After the kalash sthapana  pooja in the morning, the celebration  started at the current temple  with Kakad Aarti followed by Baba’s Abhishek. Many devotees had the blessing of performing Abhishekam for Baba with Milk and water. Temple was open all day . Palkhi procession was done inside the temple. Baba’s podium was beautifully decked with flowers.

On the occasion of baba’s punya tithi , Mahasamadi pooja was done followed by Laghu aarti at 2:30( Approximate time when baba left his mortal coil). Beautiful bhajans were sung in the name of Baba and Maata. Huge number of devotees participated in the celebrations. Deepa Alankaran was done with 99 lamps.  Bhandara/Prasadam was served to all.

The grand inauguration of the new temple in Groton will take place during the week of November 19th through 26th. NESSP invites all devotees far and near to join on the auspicious occasion.

NESSP is a Non-Profit Organization and purely run by volunteers, ever since its inception in 2006. For volunteering opportunities at the temple please email to us at maildrop@nessp.org, contact 978-528-1985 or visit www.nessp.org

Upcoming Events:

Karwa Chauth on Sunday October 8th from 5 PM

Diwali Lakshmi Pooja : Wednesday October 18th at 6:30 PM.




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