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Speech And Leadership - Young Voices Club Admission Open House

Charan Sankaran

JagoWorld Inc. non-profit institution devoted to providing educational opportunities for all students is starting its 7th academic year 2017-18 from 9/17/2017. JagoWorld’s Young Voices Club is a leadership and public speaking club for students grade one to twelve. Members of the club gain many benefits through the skills and connections cultivated by being a member. All members will learn to be leaders, regardless of their position in the club. Additionally, club members will gain tremendous public speaking skills, communication skills, and people skills.

The club has a unique structure that differentiates it from other clubs. The Club Counselor, Club Champion, and Club Parent will be present to help with logistics, give lectures, and answer any questions. However, the club itself is run by the leaders of the club including the president, vice president, secretary, and sergeant at arms. This provides each member with an opportunity to become and learn to be a leader. There will also be meeting positions so that members can lead specific meetings or activities throughout the year.

To display the members newly cultivated skills, members will present speeches, skits, debates, etc. in front of their peers and family on Young Voices Day. The members will participate in a solo project, partner project, and a group project. Each member’s solo project will be a speech on a topic of their choosing. For the partner project, two members will come up with a creative presentation of their choosing. Finally, each chapter of the club will present a final project involving all club members. Join young voices club to learn and connect with future leaders!

Young Voices Club enrollment is open for year 2017-18 at current locations are: 388 Learning Sharon,  ATFS Learning Center Shrewsbury and Kumon of Framingham.

For more information on open house/admission, please email at: enroll@JagoWorld.org or  call at: 857-452-9875

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