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Navaratri / Durga Puja Celebrations At Sree Vijaya Kali Ashram

Sivarama Putcha

Navaratri / Durga Puja Celebrations at Sree Vijaya kali Ashram

Jai Bhavani.

Happy Navaratris to ALL !!  Navaratri/Durga Puja Subeccha !!

Sree Vijaya Kali Ashram (Shri Siddha Lalitha Peetham) started by Sri Bhavani Tejasvi Athmaram is celebrating Navaratri / Durga Puja for the 7th year in a row at the ashram premise at 85 Wilmington Road, Burlington, MA.

The pujas started from 14th of this month marking Kalparambha puja and end with Dusshehra on 30th of this month. There will be on-going celebrations on each day of this festival. On 19th of this month on Mahalaya Mahishasura-Vadhotsavam (Sura-Samharam) was conducted with a demonstrative approach on order for everyone to follow the essence of Chadi path.

To a spiritual aspirant, the nine nights of Navaratri are very auspicious to worship Goddess. The Goddess is in an excited state and grants an abundance of blessings during these days to all those spiritually inclined worshipping with devotion.

The Navaratri / Durga Puja is celebrated with a different alankaram on each day of Saran-Navaratri celebrations to Sree Vijaya Durga Devi. The different alankarams are Swarna Kavacha Durga Alankaram in Pratima, Bala Tripura Sundari Alankaram on Dwitiya, Annapurna Aplankaram on Tritiya, Gayatri Alankaram on Chaturthi, Lalitha Alankaram on Panchami, Saraswati Alankaram on Shasti, Vijaya Durga Alankaram on Saptami, Kanaka Durga Alankaram on Astami and fianally Mahishasura Mardini Alankaram on Navami.

Durga Puja starts from Maha-panchami on Sunday, 24th and conclude on Maha-dashami on Saturday, the 30th. Panchamii starts with Durga Bodhan (Awakening of Eternal Shakthi) followed by Devi Aswa agamon, Ganesha Kalyanam. Maha SaptamiPuja, Durga Debi snan and Dhunuchi Nach are on Saptami.

Astami is celebrated with Maha Astami puja, Sandhi Puja, Jaggo (Hamam) and Astami Ratri Puja from midnight (12 am) on Thu, 28th and decoration to Durga with 108 Lotus flowers.

Maha Navami Puja, Chakra Puja on Navami followed by Maha Dasami Puja, Borondala and finally concluding with Darpan Bishorjan o Dasami.

Other sevas to Devi include music recital on Sat 23rd, Bhajans and Garba on all possible days as time permits. Everyone in the Ashram is ready to participate during these Navaratris filled with different activities and offer their worship with devotion. You may all treat yourselves with the opportunity to join us and participate in every possible way and seek the blessings of Sree Vijaya Durga.

The event schedule is available at www.srikali.org. Your support is highly solicited to conduct the event and you can help sponsor the celebrations at www.srikali.org 

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