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In Conversation With Anjan Mukherjee

Ranjani Saigal

An entrepreneur and innovator with more than three decades of
cross-functional experience, Anjan Mukherjee is the Founder of Taraltec Solutions Private Limited, an innovative fluid technology start-up. With multiple awards under his belt, Anjan has won – for the second time - the prestigious DST-Lockheed Martin-Tata Trusts India Innovation Growth Program 2.0. 2017 (previously won in 2012). Taraltec was chosen as one of four start-ups to showcase India at the Indo-Israeli Innovations Exhibition, at Tel Aviv in July 2017, where Anjan explained the working of the TaraltecTM Reactor to the Honourable Prime Ministers Benjamin Netanyahu and Narendra Modi. 

Previously, Anjan was a co-founder of a technology company. He has been the India Representative of UNITOR, a Norwegian multinational, and a Branch Sales Manager with ITC Ltd. As a certified Marine Engineer, Anjan has sailed on the merchant navy ships as Chief Engineer, prior to taking up these assignments.

As a hands-on engineer with a post-graduate degree from the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, Anjan, who is based in Mumbai, India, is an inventor who likes to put things together and has three pending patents. Besides, as an entrepreneur, he is involved with every stage of the business, from sales to accounting, from customer service to third party manufacturing.

How did TaraltecTM Reactor come to be? 

I am a tinkerer. My area of work has always been in using technology to affect changes in water. In my spare time I started working to evolve a simple device that can kill microbes. I am really pleased that I was able to create a device that is so effective in killing microbes. 

What is the technology basis for this device? 

This device uses bio-mimicry based technology to physically kill disease-causing microbes instantaneously when fitted inside a normal bore well hand pump and has very many other applications too.   Our device creates cavitation bubbles as the ambient pressure goes below the vapor pressure. In such a bubble high temperatures are created that kills microbes instantaneously.

Has the device been deployed? What has the impact been?  Have you received any recognition for your work? 

We have tested the devices in a few villages.  We have seen Diarrhea almost completely eliminated from these villages.  The device is very simple to use and needs no maintenance.

We were pleased to have received the Indian Innovation Growth Program 2017 award. We were part of the Indian team that went to Israel and I had the honor to demonstrate my product to Honourable Prime Ministers Benjamin Netanyahu and Narendra Modi. 

Congratulations on winning the award and meeting Prime Minister Modi. What does the future for Taraltec look like? 

While winning an award , we look to actual impact as our accomplishment. We are working to use other materials for the product so that we can lower the cost. We need to scale our manufacturing. 

What message do you have for our Lokvani readers? 

Our product has great potential to impact public health in underserved areas. I am looking for partners who can help extend the reach of our work to India and beyond. If people are interested please look up our website at http://taraltec.com/

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