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INSPIRATION IX - Improve Memory Power

Sudhir Parikh

Man’s Quest to have an Excellent Memory is well known from time immemorial.  Some people may be born with an excellent memory but NOT everyone is so lucky.  The key Question is – Is it possible to improve one’s memory?

Improve Memory Power

1.    Khetchari Mudra – Tongue Connected to Pallet.  It improves memory by increasing Concentration and Harmonizes the Circulation of Energy along With Positive affirmation that I will remember 100%
2.    Press & Release finger tips.  3 minutes a day.
3.    Gyaan – Dhyaan - Chin Mudra. Touching Tip of the Thumb and that of Index Finger. – minimum 15 minutes a day
4.    Press & Release  1. Left hand Ring finger tip, 2. LH Middle finger tip.  Message with right hand thumb & Index finger.  (As per Baba Ramdev).                    Minimum 3 minutes a day. Suggest twice a day.
5.     NO negative thinking.   No ANTS – Automatic Negative Thinking.   Be aware & minimize if NOT eliminate.  Do NOT Worry / be afraid.  No negative thinking. But Laugh …. At least maintain Prasannata (Blissful Awareness!) with SMILE!   Only Positive thinking.  Maintain Cheerful attitude.  SMILE!  SMILE!!  SMILE!!!
6.    We Remember 30% thru Listening, but taking notes improves to 70%.
7.    He who keeps on reading without thinking about what he has read, how would he gets the Essence of Reading ?  Think of the main points of the reading material every so often.
8.    Qs & As and Exchange of the concept of main points of Reading material helps remember better.  Our Scriptures are Qs & As ....
9.    Hi-lite main points, so that when you go to review, they stand out.  
10.    Read ALOUD .....
11.    Sit, walk UPRIGHT so that head, neck, and back (Spine) remains in Straight line.  Keep shoulders slightly backward.  Avoid slouching altogether. Vajrasan is very helpful.   
12.    Avoid the habit of reading lying on your back.
13.    After waking up in the morning, wash - splash your eyes with cool water   while water in the mouth, and then spit out the water.   Do this every time your eyes feel tired or sleepy.
14.    As much as possible, make habit of Deeper Slower Breathing and practice
15 minutes a day of Anulom Vilom (A / V) – Alternate Nostril Breathing.
15.    Before going to sleep, make habit of doing 9 rounds of A / V.
16.     Kapalbhati – 15 minutes a day.
17.    Yogic Breathing 10 minutes a day, U can combine with A / V Practice.
18.    Tratak Practice at least once a day, 11 times movements each.  (Combined Eyes and Neck Practice.)  One can enhance the benefits by using Deep Jyot (Flame).
19.    Super Brain YOGA – 3 Minutes a day.  C – Grade to A Grade within Six Months !!!!                                                                                 (Watch CBS news: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSwhpF9iJSs)
20.     3 t0 12 Surya Namskar – Sun Salutations per Day.
21.    Head Stand 30 sec to 2 Minutes, Sarvangasan – Shouder Stand, Matyasan – Fish Pose, Halasan – Plough, Chakrasan, Paschimottasan.
22.     ATTITUDE:   Never Get Tired, change the work assignment when U feel tired.   ENTHUSISM makes the difference! Maintain the state of Pranayam synchronized with your favorite Mantra. Man – Mind, tra – Protection.   Mind can hold only one thought in a given moment.  Either U control or Sub-conscious mind takes over.  Daily Practice of IRT, QRT, DRT. 

Laughter is the BEST Medicine – LAUGH 5 minutes a day ....
Above All:  MEDITATE:  22 Minutes a day! New Twist:  Walk 10 Minutes after each Meal.   

Here are some Links on Surya Namskar:  
Part II Long Surya Namskaar – Sun Salutation  https://www.facebook.com/SanatanMandirSanBruno/videos/878876412251586/               Part III.  Short Surya Namskaar – Sun Salutation                                
Also on youtube.com/nirusudhir

According to Su Hand) Jok (Feet) :  
1. Tapping minimum 3 minutes a day.  Preferable 3 times a day.  
2. Clapping – Minimum 3 minutes a day.  
3.  KadamTal, Standing Walking on AccuMat – 5 Minutes a day.  (For Age over 10.)   

OM Meditative Bhajan:
OM Hai Jivan Hamaaraa, Om Praanaadhaar Hai,                           
OM Hai Kartaa Vidhaataa, OM Paalanhaar Hai. .......                           
OM Hai Dukha Kaa Vinaashak, OM Sarvaananda Hai,                        OM Hai Bal-dene-waalaa, OM Karunaa Nidhaan Hai . ....1           
OM Sab kaa Pujya Hai, Hum OM kaa hi Pujan Kare,                       
OM ke Dhyaan se Hum, Shunya Apana Man Kare  .......2                  
OM ke Guru Mantra Japa Ne Se, Rahegaa Shuddha Mun,                    
Buddhi Din Prati Din Bathagi, Dharma me Hogi Lagan......... 3                          
OM Japane se Hamaraa, Gyaan Bathataa Jaayegaa,                           
Ant me (n) kiye Om Kaa Japa,  Mooksh tak Pah(n)u Chaayegaa. ... 4               
OM kaa hee Dhyaan Dharale, OM hee Apana Mantra Hai                        OM Hee Sharanaa Nanda Hai, Om Brahmaananda Hai!  .....5

MEANING:   OM is our Life, it is foundation of our Life!  OM is our destiny and it our nourisher!!
OM is the destroyer of our Misery, Om is full of Bliss!!   OM gives us Strength, OM is Ocean of Compassion!!   * 1
OM is worthy of our respect, let worship OM, by Meditating on OM, let us make our Mind free of any thoughts!  ** 2
Reciting OM as our Guru Mantra, will keep us Pure, it will increase our Intelligence; will make us passionate about performing our duties and responsibility. *** 3
By incessantly chanting OM, our knowledge will increase, while reciting OM with the last breath, it liberate us (from Cycle of Birth & Death)  ****4
Meditate on OM, making OM as our MANTRA, By surrendering to OM, will bless us with Bliss in Divine (Bramhan – God Principle!)

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