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INSPIRATION VI: Strength And Inner Peace

Sudhir Parikh

Strength and Inner Peace - INSIRATION VI

STRENGTH   From Thus Spake Vivekananda

•    No need of looking behind. Forward! We want infinite energy, infinite zeal, Infinite courage, and infinite patience; then only will great things be achieved. Vedanta recognizes no sin, it only recognizes error, and the greatest error, says the Vedanta, is to say that you are weak, that you are a sinner, a miserable creature, and that you have no power, and you cannot do this or that.

•    STRENGTH is life, weakness is death; STRENGTH is felicity, life is eternal and immortal! Weakness is constant strain and misery! Weakness is death. Let positive, strong, helpful thoughts enter into your brains from very childhood.

•    Weakness is the one cause of suffering. We become miserable, because we are weak.         We lie, steal, kill and commit other crimes, because we are weak.  We suffer, because we are weak.  We die, because we are weak.  Where there is nothing to weaken us, there is no death, no sorrow.    

•    STRENGTH is the one things needful.  STRENGTH is the medicine for the world’s disease.  STRENGTH is the medicine which the poor must have when tyrannized over by the rich.  STRENGTH is the medicine which the ignorant must have when oppressed by the learned.  And it is the medicine that sinners must have when tyrannized over by other sinners.  

•    Stand up, be bold, be strong. Take the whole responsibility on your own shoulders, and know that you are the creator of your own destiny.  All the STRENGTH and succor you want is within you.  Therefore make your own future.  

INNNER  PEACE      By Paramhansa YOGANANDA (continued):

I.    Where can I find Peace ?  (Continued)

•    Take an Honest look at your Life:

A.    Looking at the vast panorama of this world, at the crowds of Humanity rushing hot-haste through their span of life, one cannot but wonder what it is all about.   Where are we going?  What is the motive?  What is the best and surest way to reach to reach our Destination?  

B.    Most of us rush aimlessly, like runaway automobiles, without any plan.  Dashing heed-lessly along the road of life, we seldom notice if we are on winding devious ways that lead no-where, or on straight paths that lead directly to our goal.  How can we find our goal, if never think of it.  

C.    Have you permitted your life to become warped by forces seemingly stronger than your own?  Is your life under your control?  Do not sink into the rut of mediocrity.  Rise above the crowd.  Step out the chocking monotony of ordinary existence into s finer, more colorful life of achievement and ever new peace.

D.    Ask yourself what is the purpose of your life.  You have been made in the image of God; that is your real self.  Realizing the image of God within you is the ultimate success – infinite joy, fulfillment of every desire, victory over all the difficulties of the body and incursions of the world.
•     Winning the battle of everyday life.
A.    A lump of sand cannot withstand the erosion effect of the ocean’s waves; an individual who lacks impurtable Inner Peace cannot remain tranquil during mental conflict.  But as a diamond remains unchanged no matter how many waves swirl around it, so also a peace-crystalized individual remains radiantly serene even when trials beset him from all sides.  Out of the changeful waters of life, let us salvage through Meditation, the diamond of unchangeable soul-consciousness, which sparkles with the everlasting joy of spirit.

B.    As certain training is needed for engaging in the art of war, so does our engagement in battling with active life.   Untrained warriors are soon killed on the battlefield; so also persons untrained in the art of preserving their Inner Peace are quickly riddle by the bullets of worry and restlessness in active life.   

C.     If you can retain your Inner Peace, there in lies your supreme victory.  No matter how you are situated in life, never feel justified in loosing your Peace, you will find you are always victorious, no matter what the outcome of your problems.   That is the way to conquer life.  

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