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Linga Bhairavi Fire Of The Feminine

Press Release

Linga Bhairavi Fire of the Feminine


 Bhairavi Prarthana - Chant by Sadhguru


Allowing the feminine to find its place in any society is very important. If just masculine finds expression, we will have enough to eat, but we will have no life to live. If you want to use analogies, if you call the root the masculine, the flower and the fruit is feminine. The very purpose of the root is to bring the flower and the fruit. If that does not happen, the root will go waste.

All the great civilizations on the planet were goddess worshipers. It is only when nomadic tribes created very aggressive patriarchal cultures and religions, that feminine worship was slowly banished and burnt out of the world. India is still the only country where the worship of the feminine is a live process. Even today in South India, there isn’t a single village without a goddess of their own. The basis of this culture is in celebration of the feminine, but slowly, the culture evolved into an exploitation of the feminine. So, we want to revive the feminine in a powerful way.

One sad thing that is happening in the world is, women are either becoming like Barbie dolls or they are trying to become like men. They have jealousy, masculine ambitions and other nonsense, but they don’t have that feminine fire. That is what a woman could add to this world, that she is like a fire. Linga Bhairavi is a big-fire woman, not a small-fire woman. She is not a doll, she is not a man, she is feminine to the core.

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Since we started off with the Bhairavi consecration in January 2010, there has been no looking back. It has been a roller coaster of excitement and Devi has touched the lives of a countless number of people. Already four full-fledged Bhairavi temples have been confirmed, and many small ones are coming up. So, She is going places.

The reason why many people are able to feel Devi much more than Dhyanalinga is simply because She is physically manifest. Dhyanalinga is subtle; it takes a certain receptivity to feel it. It is of a completely different dimension. Devi is physically manifest – She can do pleasant things, but She can even slap you in the face. Fifty fingers may be left on your face. So, is Devi manifest? She very much is. Is She physically manifest? Very much. As far as I am concerned, She is a living entity for me and for many people.

So, “What should I do to experience Devi?” You don’t have to do anything. If there is not much of you, you will feel the presence of what is not you. If there is too much of you, you won’t feel anything anywhere. Not just here, anywhere. Devi is difficult to miss. But most people are like this – they have not felt their heartbeat, they have not felt their own breath, they cannot see the full moon. If you don’t notice a mosquito biting you, your heart beating, your breathing, if you don’t notice how food behaves within you, how will you notice Devi? There are a few things which have manifested in some people’s lives with Bhairavi which are very strange and, probably, they would not want to talk about it, so I will leave that alone, but things have happened. But the problem with most people is that they are already imagining something.

Don’t imagine anything. Imagination is not good for experience. If you think imagination is a substitute for your experience, it is a stupid way to live. Imagination will feel pleasant for some time. But if it goes out of control, you will go nuts. With imagination, you can go to heaven in two minutes and come back and you are in the same place – a little depressed because you are back. Experience is different. Experience transforms life. I am talking about real life experience. Physically manifest experience. It is very much possible.

So…devotion. It is not because you are singing for Devi or loving Her that She will appear. She is always there. She doesn’t care whether you are devoted or not. Your devotion has nothing to do with Her. Your devotion has something to do with you. If you are absolutely in devotion, nothing of you will be left. If nothing of you is left, She will be as strong and real as the morning sunlight. The only thing is, for you to feel it, you must be empty. How empty you are, that strongly you will feel it.

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Your devotion is not about Devi, your devotion is about dissolving yourself. But without Her, you cannot be devout. You need something, you need someone to be devout, so you can use Her. Right now, everything that you see as the world is your interpretation, it is your reflection. In this condition, there can be no devotion, there can be no perception. What you see is not the world, not the creation, not the Creator. To demolish this “you” that has become so big, you see Bhairavi everywhere. Now, after some time, everything is like that. If you see a leaf, “Oh, it looks like Bhairavi.” If you see a flower, “It looks like Bhairavi.” Don’t say this to anyone, just do this within yourself. This is a fantastic device to lower the sense of who you are. Who you are will just disappear over a period of time.

Is this not stupid? An idea that works, do you call it stupid or smart? It works, that’s all. All devices are to be used, not to be analyzed. It is not for analysis, it is for use. If you use it, it works. If you analyze, what is there in it? If I analyze you, what the hell is there within you? There is really nothing. Isn’t it?

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Devi’s Photo Gallery

RED – The Color of Exuberance

In this tradition, Devi has always been red, since red is the most vibrant color – and feminine represents that. Devi spaces always have very active involvement of red in many ways.


At one time, not a single home in this country was without a consecrated space, a little temple or shrine, and for a very long time, the maximum number of shrines were always maintained by women, not by men. Only the public ones were maintained by men. Linga Bhairavi is taken care of by women called Bhairagini Maas, who do a certain type of sadhana which is Devi oriented. It is probably one of the only temples in the world taken care of by women, but it is for everyone. She has been created in a certain way, She will be maintained in a certain way which is very unique – it is a certain process that only the feminine can do.


Linga Bhairavi is unique in her manifestation in the form of a linga. The eight feet tall Devi was consecrated by Sadhguru as a powerful energy form with a solidified mercury core through prana pratishtha. This is a rare mystical process that uses life energies to transform mere stone into a deity.

Representing the creative and nurturing aspects of the universe, Devi is the ultimate manifestation of the Mother Goddess. She is powerful and all-encompassing.

Whether you seek to acquire, enjoy, or transcend the physical and material aspects of life – be it power and strength; wealth, riches, passion, and intensity; or knowledge, knowing and transcendence – the Devi is the Ultimate Giver of all that and much more.

The numerous scientifically structured processes like Kleshna Nasha Kriya, Sarpa Seva and Karna Veda to name a few are set up to help the individual for material and worldly benefits.

 “One who earns the Grace of Bhairavi neither has to live in concern or fear of life or death, of poverty, or failure. All that a human being considers as wellbeing will be his if only he earns the Grace of Bhairavi.”

Love & Grace,


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Upa Yoga essentially means “sub-yoga” or “pre-yoga”. Because of its many immediate and evident benefits, the word Upa Yoga in Indian languages is commonly used to denote “usefulness.” It is a good starting point for those who are new to yoga, and it can be used as a preparation for other yoga practices. Based on a sophisticated understanding of the body’s mechanics, its benefits include:

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