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Kitchari Kirtan’s 9th Anniversary Celebration With The Prema Bhakti Band

Geetha Patil

Kitchari Kirtan’s 9th Anniversary Celebration with the Prema Bhakti Band

A deeply moving and joyful Kitchari Kirtan took place on Friday, May 5th, 2017, 7:00pm – 10:00pm in a place where lilacs, dogwood, and daffodils welcome devotees with their beautiful smiles and succulent tender gestures. Tamal and Shakti, the sweet and great couple from Harvard Square area of Cambridge started hosting this Kitchari Kirtan program in their residence nine years ago. This couple not only graciously welcomes devotees and special guests, to their Sat Sangh but also lovingly prepares delicious Kitchari and hot masala chai for all the members.

Shakti greeted all the members with her big hugs and smile and thanked everyone for coming to celebrate the ninth birthday of Kitchari Kirtan. She said that it seems hard to believe, but it has been nine years since this Kitchari Kirtan first emerged, and cultivated monthly by our yearning for devotion and uplifted collectively by our rising voices. Our heartfelt gratitude is due to everyone who has become part of our Kirtan Sat Sangh.

All the members of this Kitchari Sat Sangh began the evening with homemade Kitchari with Masala tea and apple cider, as Prasad. Kitchari dish made with rice and beans was very gratifying. Then everyone gathered for Kirtan, the congregational chanting of Vedic Mantras and singing of Bhajans. Many of the chanting and singing were done in a responsive fashion where devotees participated with full devotion and experienced the purifying pleasure of the chanting.

Prema Bhakti Band members were invited as special featured musicians and singers for the Kitchari Kirtan’s 9th anniversary program. This band is a group of three grihasta-ashram (married) friends, life time musicians and devotees on the path to relationship with the Divine. They sang a mix of soft Bhajans and rocking Kirtans in the praise of the Golden Avatar Saint Chaitanya, who embodies pure bliss. This band sang thousands of rocking kirtans all over the world. Prema Bhakti Band brings unassuming kind nature and bhava with the traditional musical instruments like harmonium, mrdunga, and mellow voices and inspiring stories. Very committed and devotional Prema Bhakti Band members namely Jaishree & Kalanidhi Dow-Spielman, Kumudini & Nimai Caitanya Glass, and Shyamali & Shyamarupa Richardson made everyone enjoy the ecstatic mood of pure Bhakti with their melodic and tuneful chanting and singing.

"Kitchari Kirtan is a great group of nice musicians and friends who are dedicated and committed to the spontaneous fulfillment of their collective desires for eternal bliss by chanting of Mantras and singing of Bhajans. I like this Kitchari Kirtan Sat Sangh because it happens in a nice homely and friendly environment" - said Mr. Ward Williamson.

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