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Wonderful Kitchari Kirtan By Meerabai (Lee) From New York

Geetha Patil

The Kitchari Kirtan Community of Cambridge, Massachusetts, meets on every second Friday evening of the month in the Harvard square area to recite Hindu Divine Deities’ Names, sing Bhajans, Sufi songs, and chant Sacred Beeja (seed) mantras from Hinduism and Buddhism. This Community performs Kirtans to align themselves with divine energies and achieve a state of unity, oneness, transformation and inner peace. 

In Vedic tradition, chanting and singing produce the power of sound vibrations that help the listeners to open up their mind to feel the energy and inner peace. Certain sounds of Vedic Mantras cannot be translated into a literal meaning but have the power to create great transformative growth and expansion in humans at the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

For Meerabai, performing Kirtans and singing Bhajans with group members is a sacred collective offering to deities in which they join their voices in truthful and heartfelt prayers. She believes that the unique sounds of voices created by chanting Divine Names of Deities have the capacity to heal ourselves--and others.

Mr. Tom and Mrs. Shakti Lena have been hosting this monthly Kitchari Kirtan of Cambridge for almost several years and their bhav (nature, response) is sweet. It's a great place to relish delicious “Kitchari”, meet great Kirtan performers, make new friends, and learn new Bhajans and Chanting of Mantras.

Meerabai (Lee) Harrington who is an author, editor, university professor, also a well known name in the Chant World, leads mostly chants from the Buddhist, Hindu and Sikh traditions. In her chanting career, she has explored how the combinations of these practices and teachings can enrich the body, mind and spirit. She has a musical background in rock and roll, and gospel; she loves to lead authentic, high-spirited, and deeply healing kirtans of Buddhist mantras with the heart-opening joy of the devotional Bhakti tradition. She has been featured at numerous Kirtan Festivals. Her singing of Tibetan Medical Mantras adds a reflective healing for those who attend her Kirtans. Her Kirtans have been described as “Transformable – taking one into the Pure Land of Divinity” as her voice has transcendental power.

“The purpose of this community is not only to chant Mantras and sing Bhajans for inner peace and harmonization but also to develop relationships that mutually help to enhance our vision and aims in life” – said one of the members of this community.

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