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Sub Drift Offers Amazing Talent


An amazing talent filled night was offered by the Subcontinental Drift Boston (SubDrift) on 16th Mar, 2017 from 8:00pm to 10:00pm to the audience at the EMW Bookstore, Cambridge, MA. SubDrift Boston is a part of the national movement that aimed at building creative communities in different states of the US amongst the local South Asians. These SubDrift local chapters through their regular open mics and other programs create space for powerful artistic expression and collaboration.

At the SubDrift open mic floor, performers bring in their comedy, music, performance art, dance, spoken word, hip hop, or anything else with any theme and share it with a warm crowd. Every month, many of the artists rush to sign up for a performance because SubDrift is more than an ordinary open mic night. It provides an opportunity to mix and mingle and learn to appreciate, enjoy and get inspired by each otherís flairs and gifts. It's a chance for the members of the Subcontinental region to perform before an audience that really appreciate it.

Aditya Nochur who is the Boston Chapterís organizer and the master of ceremony of the event tries to keep the program extremely casual and friendly for performers of all levels. Poetry recitations in different languages ranging from happy-humorous to sad were presented along with singing songs with and without instruments offered different flavors of talents to the audience. Neena Wahi read Holi poem and made the audience to feel as if they are drenched the colorful Holi colors while Pankaj entrained the audience with humorous poems and made them laugh enough for the night. Geetha read sad poems that reveled hard truth about the life as old age and death ae not easy to accept. Ananya Jain also recited poems. Jay J, Maitreya, Ameer Asif Khan & Shahir Ahmed, Ullas Rao, Hani Singer, Naman Patel as group sang melodious songs Performers and audience members of all backgrounds, languages, types of music, dance experience levels brought ĎMarch Madnessí to the event.

One of the best aspects of the SubDrift community, according to one of the SubDrift audience is that many performers and audience end up meeting and greeting and growing as a community and make efforts to build future collaborators during events.

SubDrift programs offer positive exposure in all its colors and forms to the audience and performers through showcasing the diverse hidden talents. Positive Exposure aims to take us into the minds, and hearts of everyone and build solidarity- said one the audience.


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