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Lokvani Talks To Cindy Jathar

Nirmala Garimella

Where did you go grow up and your background?

 I was born and raised in Clearwater, Florida, but I have strong roots in the Boston area. My mother comes from Marblehead, MA where she lived most of the time with her grandfather, Frank A Poor, founder of Sylvania Electric and Lighting company and the Hawthorne Hotel in Salem, MA. To this day, his portrait hangs in the lobby. My father comes from Elliott Maine. A family of very humble means. 

They met, fell in love, married and moved to Florida to have a family. My five brothers and sisters and I were raised with only what my father could provide. My mother's love for my father, cost her inheritance, but it never bothered her. She was the most humble person I know. 

 How did you get interested in Jewelry?

 Well, I can only guess that it started with coming from a family of artists. The roots go even deeper into Boston's Faneuil Hall. George Peter Alexander Healy ancestor from my maternal side, painted several Presidential portraits (including Abraham Lincoln) and other famous paintings.  My sister, Brenda is a sculptor.  Since I can remember, I'd wake up from sleep with designs in my head. My sister and I thought that we would be shoe designers, but things have a way of changing our course. 

My father had knowledge of diamonds and showed me my first diamond. He noticed that I had an eye for diamonds and convinced me to go to NYC Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and suddenly my desire to design shoes shifted to design jewelry. 

 What are your inspirations?

So many things inspire me to create, but in order to be able to create at all, it has to come from a happy and clear mind. I also have an impulse to "fix" things. I'll see a jewelry piece and redesign it in my head...I will dream of designs and when I awake, I'll have the exact design clearly in my head. Colors are a huge inspiration for me. Traveling to India Inspires me. Helping others inspires me. 

 Who are your clients?

 Over the past 12 years in business...it has been very exciting. Some of our clients include, Randy Jackson from American Idol, Ryan Clark from ESPN , Marshall Faulk from NFL network, Former Patriot player, Quinn Ojinakka, Devon Thomas NFL player...many clients I can't list without permission, but these I can. Many of whom have gotten jewelry not only for themselves, but gotten engagement rings, mother's day gifts gifts for wives and daughters and more.

If you are the local client from next door, or the Hollywood or Bollywood client, you are all treated with the same respect, courtesy and service. Each and every client is very much appreciated. What our clients seem to love most about our service, is that when you are a client, you have a personal jeweler. 

 What inspires you to give to charity?

 This is the "big" question. To me the most important....

I have helped at charity events in the past....when asked. 

One of my long time clients in the Boston area, is the Founder of Jaden's Ladder. I've done several events with her. 

In 2012, a very close friend of mine (ex NFL) died at the age of 39 of ALS. It was so horrible to see him die such a death. Before he died, he said to me, "Cin, you won't see me again after today. I'll be gone. I want you to do one thing for me ...it won't help me, but it will help others suffering from this disease. Please do something to raise awareness and money for ALS research.  I know you can do it". 

I really don't know how I pulled it together, but with a great team, I decided to have an awareness fund raiser to donate to the research of ALS, here in Boston. 

What a feeling you get from helping others. 

Unfortunately , a few months later, I was starting to get very sick and weak. It was getting worse and worse. It was cancer. I lost my mother to cancer when my beautiful son, Armaan was 1, so it scared me. Raj, my husband was in India, because 1 week before I was diagnosed, his mother was diagnosed with cancer , as well. It changed my life. I wouldn't leave Armaan's side. I wanted every moment to be with him. 2016: By now I've had several surgeries and complications, but with God's mercy and grace, I seem to be cancer free! 

I'm back to work, but with more passion and purpose than ever.....

I've spent a lot of time in India.

It is something I'll never forget. The children and families living in the street. The hunger and poverty that goes on each and every day. I love India. To me, it is now a second home, as it is my son's heritage,  but my heart aches whenever I go back. 

After being shown, that our time in this earth is so precious, I want to devote as much time as I can to helping others and I've found the perfect fit for me to do it! I'm working with AIF as often as possible to help raise money for the people of India, so desperately in need. It is my belief, that everything happens for a reason. 

I know this to be so, in my life. I am exactly where I'm supposed to be. 

 Where can people find your jewelry?

 I've sold my designs to many jewelry stores, mostly on the east coast. Hundreds of local clients wearing Jathar...As mentioned , you'll see some of my clients on TV wearing Jathar...also featured in the music video, All My Life (Lil Wayne and Jay Rock) , but most importantly, you'll find Jathar Diamonds featured for as long as I am able,  to help raise awareness and funds at charity events , such as AIF!

(Cindy Jathar jewelry will be on display at the Saturday March 18th gala at the Marriott Copley.)

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