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Lokvani Talks To Shamit Mehta

Ranjani Saigal

Shamit Mehta, Principal, joined North Bridge Growth Equity in 2014.
Shamit focuses on partnering with entrepreneurs of growth stage companies in the vertical SaaS/software, healthcare IT, financial technology, security and business/information services sectors. He has been making growth equity investments for over eight years, and enjoys working with management teams to grow their business through strategic introductions, board governance and exit management.

Prior to joining North Bridge, Shamit was an investor at Susquehanna Growth Equity and Great Hill Partners where he identified and executed investments in the software and technology-enabled business sectors and worked closely with management teams of industry leading companies. Early in his career, Shamit worked in M&A at Deutsche Bank in the Technology Investment group.

Shamit resides in the Boston area with his wife and son. He enjoys watching his hometown sports teams, playing golf and is an active supporter of F.A.R.E., a non-profit group focused on food allergies. Shamit received his M.B.A. from Columbia Business School and an M.S. in Information Management Systems and a. B.S. in Information Decision Systems and Industrial Management from Carnegie Mellon.

What motivated you to pick a career in the Growth Equity space? 

For as long as I can remember, I have been interested in investing and entrepreneurship. I started my first investment “fund” when I was ten years old when I bought Disney, JNJ and Oracle; started a company in college; and operated my family’s business. Growth equity investing allows me to combine my interests in investing and assisting entrepreneur achieve their goals.

What are the top qualities you look for in teams you invest in? 

I think there are a number of basic qualities that every team must have – to be knowledgeable, team-oriented, problem-solving, etc, but the best teams have a “magic” quality, a certain passion that allows them to go above and beyond in dominating their respective sectors. I have been fortunate to work with amazing management teams that have addressed and overcome insurmountable problems and it’s been a pleasure working with them.

What type of companies and industries do you focus on? 

Over the last ten years, I have focused on technology companies, including software (vertical and horizontal), security, information, and business services sectors. These companies have built products/solutions that are typically at an inflection point in the company’s lifecycle and will use our capital and network to create a larger outcome. I would be happy to speak with CEOs who are interested in growth equity. I’m reachable at smm@northbridge.com.

What has been the most rewarding aspect of being a Growth Equity Investor? 

For me the reward comes from supporting and assisting management teams to achieve their company’s objectives. For many CEOs, I have become a trusted advisor in deciding strategic or personal decisions. I’m grateful to earn this level of trust and responsibility.

What does the 40 under 40 Growth Equity Investors Award mean to you.

The award is a testament to the great companies, colleagues and my family who have all been very supportive as I have grown my career. I’m looking forward to the next forty years!

You have interest in an unusual non-profit F.A.R.E. Why did you choose to work with a non-profit that works on food allergies? 

Food Allergy Research and Education (F.A.R.E) www.foodallergy.org is an incredible organization that provides support and guidance in the management of food allergies. My son and other members of my family have life threatening food allergies, so I have a personal interest in the resources available courtesy of F.A.R.E. Awareness and Education are crucial factors to living well with food allergies.

Any message for the South Asian Communities? 

We live in interesting times and I think it is important that all communities focus on the ties that unite us.  Hopefully, we all work together supporting each other to find good, and do good in this world.

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