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Bighelp's 14th Annual Fundraiser "Pongal-Republic Day Celebrations"

Press Release

On January 14th, 2017, Bighelp held their 14th annual fundraiser "Pongal-Republic Day celebrations" at Marlborough Middle School, Marlborough, MA. This year’s event was attended by over 1250 people and brought a festivity in Indian community. The event started with Spelling Bee and Coloring for kids and a Rangoli contest for adults. The Cultural programs were hosted by 6 energetic young students Smera Gora, Alekhya Penumarthy, Keerthi Balaj, Sreya Bommaraju, Varsha S Poreddy, Sanjana Kota along with MC coordinators Nagasree Chakka and Pratima Penumarthy.  A colorful mix of songs and dances, patriotic, devotional, filmy, classical and modern, performed by around 265 children and adults made up the cultural programs.

The event was kick started with a welcome notes by Bighelp's Executive Vice President Mr. Amar Jayam and the Global Vice-President Mrs. Sandhya Bommaraju. Mr. Jayam said “every time I see a new name joining Bighelp family, I imagine a smiley face of an underprivileged kid who will be benefitted“. Mrs. Bommaraju said “our kids are very lucky and privileged to have access to the best of educational facilities available but unfortunately there are far too many children worldwide who are not so. It is tragic that scores of children have to abandon their dream of attending school due to financial constraints.”

The President & Founder Mr. Chand Pasha Shaik said “2016 was another great year for Bighelp where we have reached a milestone of 40 centers in India and able to touch the lives of around 95,000 children in India”.  He added that the primary education is still a distant dream for millions of children in rural India, despite having a national policy for compulsory primary education. The toughest challenges for these children are poverty and inadequate facilities at schools such as basic infrastructure. Mr. Shaik stated that Bighelp is planning to go big in 2017 by expanding its operations across India by tapping the potential donors across the globe. He added the goal for Bighelp is to positively touch the lives of one million children over next 5 years.

Mrs. Deepthi Gora, Bighelp’s Boston Chapter president said “personally for me journey with Bighelp is inspiring, assuring and satisfying. The beauty of this organization is, whoever take part in it are contributing in one way or the other.” She added “It’s All about One and One about All”.  Mrs. Gora said the Bighelp mission is driven by a very inclusion culture and she strongly believe and often quote that “at BigHelp no help is Small help”.

Vice-Presidents of Boston chapter, Mrs. Rekha Gundimeda and Mrs. Anitha Bachina said “in our daily lives, we need to have a purposeful charity to actively contribute to. It was about 9 years ago, when we sought out for such an amazing charity, only to find Bighelp right around the block. Bighelp is an outstanding organization that strives to provide underprivileged children in India with a proper education.”

The Boston Chapter Secretary Mr. Ragu Vaduka shared the following highlights for the past 14 years of mission for Bighelp.


·       Made a positive impact in the lives of over 95,000 children in India.

·       Sponsored 2,500 children over multiple years until they graduate from high school.

·       Adopted 250 schools and made them better places to learn.

·       Provided opportunity for over 65,000 children to compete in Merit Awards, Sports, Quiz, Art competitions, Science bee, Math bee, Spelling Bee, Story Writing and Coloring Contests.

·       Provided voluntary opportunities for children in USA and India.

Trained NRI children to organize workshops in India during their summer vacation.

·       Supported schools that cater education to children with special needs.

At the conclusion of the program, all of the contest winners were presented with the trophies and certificates. In appreciation of commitment shown for the Bighelp cause, the following volunteers were presented with 'Volunteer For the Year' awards by the guest of honors Mr. Sasikanth Vallepalli,  Dr. Gayatridevi Ika, Mrs. Madhavi Donepudi and Mr.Ravi Rao. 

Mrs. Kavitha Goluguri
Ramesh Periasami
Sridhar Devineni
Mrs. Sirisha Bhumireddy
Sujeev Velur
Srikanth Gomattam
Mrs. Pratima Penumarthy

In appreciation of the outstanding service to Bighelp and helping the organization bring a positive impact in the lives of many children, the following youth volunteers were presented with  'Rising Stars of the year 2016' awards.

Varsha S Porreddy
Sana Pasha Shaik

The program was concluded by the India national anthem followed by delicious dinner provided by Mayuri restaurant.

For more information about Bighelp. please visit their website www.bighelp.org.

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