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Academy Of Creative Arts Launches 3 New Programs To Kickoff 2017 With A Bang!


Academy of Creative Arts is now bringing STEM and Sport focus to its already long list of 20+ creative and performing arts program offerings. 

1.       Academy of Creative Arts Collaborates with Little Medical School to start with S from STEM focus

Academy has collaborated with “Little Medical School” focused on shaping the future of medicine and healthcare. This program is designed working with educators, healthcare leaders and community organizations to promote healthy lifestyles in children as they learn about careers in healthcare.

The objective of the program is to inspire tomorrow’s healthcare professionals today by bringing medicine, science and the importance of health to children in an entertaining, exciting and fun way.

LMS educational enrichment programs provide a fun, innovative, and engaging curriculum. Through this program we create an opportunity to experience role playing using tools that real doctors use and the program curriculum is aligned with STEM objectives. 

Little Medical School is run by Arumugham Raghunathan (Ragoo) who has a Masters in Genetics, Diploma in Sericulture and Ph.D in Life Sciences with a focus in Neuroscience. He later did his postdoctoral research at Wesleyan and Yale Universities in Neuroscience, Genetics and Molecular Biology for 7 yrs. Ragoo then worked at a start-up biotech company in CT developing and commercializing new biotechnologies. Ragoo is the Director of Little Medical School and wants to share his passion for science by teaching and inspiring kids to learn more about medicine. 

Little Medical School also has other programs such as little nursing school, little pharmacy school, little dental school, little veterinarian school etc. that focus on different fields of healthcare. 
“We just did a batch in Shrewsbury where the kids loved the program and I am extremely excited to bring this program to Academy of Creative Arts in Burlington so all the students in Burlington, Lexington, Bedford and surrounding areas can also benefit from this unique and fun program focused getting kids exposed to medicine and healthcare” said Ragoo the Director of Little Medical School Boston.

2.       Academy of Creative Arts collaborates with Boston Karate Institute

Academy of Creative Arts has collaborated with Boston Karate Institute – the only institute recognized by USA National Karate Federation (Division of US Olympic) in Massachusetts. 
We are not just another run of the mill Karate activity class, rather Boston Karate Institute is affiliated with Japan Karate Association World Federation (Japan) as well USA NKF (Division of US Olympic), which in-turn is affiliated with World Karate Federation.

There are many Karate classes all over the place, but with this collaboration ACA and BKI want to focus on training kids for not just Karate as an activity, but if a student wishes to pursue it seriously then coach and mentor them to even prepare for participation in Olympics. 

Karate will be taught by Yuvraj Joshi and his associates. Yuvraj is a certified Instructor from USANKF (Division of US Olympic) Japan Karate Association, All India Karate do Federation as well as from World Karate Federation which is affiliated with International Olympic Committee. Yuvraj holds 3rd Degree Black Belt from World Karate Federation, 2nd Degree from Japan Karate Association, 2nd Degree from All India Karate do Federation. He has over 20 years of experience teaching Karate to various age groups. He is the only Instructor in Massachusetts who is connected with USA NKF / US Olympics DivisIon. 

3.       Academy of Creative Arts brings Table Tennis Program to ACA

Academy is expanding its sport focused programs with adding Table Tennis and Racquetball to promote healthy living and adding some physical activity focused programs. 

Table Tennis is an Olympic sport and is played worldwide... including physically disabled individuals. The sport can improve quality of life for people of all ages from 7 to 97 or more...

The purpose of The Academy is to provide learning and playing opportunities in a fun and friendly environment for everyone to enjoy this exciting sport on championship TT tables and on championship Racquetball court.

With addition of these 3 programs that all begin from Jan, Academy of Creative Arts takes another step towards fulfilling its vision of bringing all forms of learning under ONE roof. 

“We already have 20+ programs that are focused on creative & performing arts, so we as parents felt the need to add some programs that are sport and physical activity focused, what better than two fantastic indoor sports that not only help students build self-confidence, discipline, respect, self-defense, hand eye coordination etc. but also allow them to learn and enjoy 2 Olympic sports under guidance of expert instructors” said Dr. Java Joshi the founder of Academy of Creative Arts

“This is in line with how we want to bring more holistic developmental programs at our Academy, as you know all programs at our Academy are driven by what we want our kids to learn and as Java said, having physical sport in addition to creative and performing arts is essential for complete development of every child – we are glad to have started the year with these 3 programs – Little Medical School, Karate and Table Tennis – as they allow us to add STEM and Sports to our set of offerings. We are excited with this great start to 2017 and wish to expand our programs even more this year” said Hetal Joshi the co-founder of Academy of Creative Arts.

Academy of Creative Arts is a school where 25+ different programs such as Drawing & Painting, Music (Indian, Western and 10+ instruments), 6 forms of Dance, Theatre & Acting, Public Speaking, Henna, Photography, Yoga, Chess, Languages, Karate, Table Tennis, Gym, Racquetball, are all taught under one roof at their new 18000 sq.ft facility in Burlington for more information visit www.academyofcreativearts.org.

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