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Shaam-e-Ghazal - A Magical Musical Evening

Ranjani Saigal

On Sunday, December 11, Ghazal lovers gathered to listen to a rendition of Ghazals and Thumris at the Baitak organized by Jawed Wahid.  The musical ensemble led by Dr. Kiran Nath featured her own compositions and a few famous compositions.  Dr. Nath was accompanied by Harshad Tole on the Tabla and supported by her daughter Mitali. 

Dr. Kumkum Malik, compere extraordinaire, wove the presentation together with her insightful lead comments on the compositions. She succeeded in setting the right mood for each composition, which led the listener to be drawn in a beautiful way into the presentation. 

Ghazals and Thumris are the perfect vehicle for a musician to express their inner feelings. In a well-rendered Ghazal emotions reign supreme and touch the listener deeply. Kiran Nath expressive rendition of the Ghazals allowed the listener to revel in the myriad of emotions expressed through the poetry.  

The evening opened with Fanah Nizami’s, yeh bahaar ka zamaana, yeh haseen gulon ke saaye by Kiran Nath. This was followed by Ahmed Faraz’s “Us raat ke gar saaye kuchh aur theher jaate”. If one was much moved by the poetry of these great poets, Kiran Nath’s own composition that came next showed that she could hold her own in the galaxy of famous poets. This composition is certainly one my favorites of the evening - “Ab kya kahoon mere meherbaan..Dene ko hai bas ek jaan”

After a lovely immersion in the world of Ghazals Nath moved to Chhodo kalayee mori saiyaan a Thumri that I wanted to get up and dance to. Famous Ghazals  “Aaj jane ki zid na karo”, “Dil-e-nadaan tujhe hua kya hai”, “Ae mohabbat tere anjaam pe rona aaya”, “Mere humnafas, mere humnawaa” and “Abhi to Mein Jawan “were rendered with the right Bhava as were the Thumri’s Mora saiyaan mohse bole na, Koeliya mat kar pukar.  Whether it was romance, lost love or seeking a higher spiritual truth, Nath took the audience with her on the emotional journey. 

Other members of the Nath family Mitali, Kunal and Shameek stunned the audience by their fabulous renditions of Dr. Nath’s compositions. Poppy Charnalia, another fabulous addition to the ensemble also presented one of Dr. Nath’s compositions. Harshad Tole’s masterful accompaniment on the Tabla. elevated each presentation. 
The quality of the poetry in Dr. Nath’s compoitions shone through as Harish Dang, Kumkum Malik, Razia Mashkoor and Sadia Chagtai recited them.  

My knowledge of Urdu is rather limited and yet I thoroughly enjoyed the evenings as the presentation allowed me to feel the words. 

Jawed Wahid’s perfect sound engineering made the Baitak absolutely lovely.  I cannot thank Dr. Nath enough for sharing her poetry and music. We look forward to many such lovely evenings in the future. 

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