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Music Review - Gayatri Mahesh's Thahar Jao

Chitra Parayath

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Gayatri Mahesh’s debut CD Thahar Jao is a sweet collection of ballads, reflecting the singer’s versatility and range. The music director Pandit Raghunath Seth has utilized Ms. Mahesh’s well, her voice has a fresh, unspoiled quality to it, which is hard to find among singers of popular tunes these days.

‘Cherish Your Love, Life is Short’ is the theme of the album which features eight love songs.
The title song Thahar Jao with Nagesh’s lyrics is easily the best in the collection, the tone is wistful, her song is about unhurried romance.

Mahiya with Preeti Arora’s lyrics is sung effortlessly by the artist. Yun na jaiya with lyrics by Pandit Raghunath Seth is a playful number sung breathlessly and is evocative of love songs of yore when melody was important to Hindi music.

O pardesi(lyrics- Seth) is another song with some lilting flute interludes accompanying simple but elegant lyrics.

Gayatri Mahesh’s background in classical music has certainly stood her in good stead as the songs and her singing reflect. Most of the songs move in a tender, unhurried flow and are built of simple components.

Mere Dhol Sajana (lyrics- Shahab) is sung in the filmi style with a lovelorn girl beckoning to her beloved. Mausame phoolon (lyrics- Arora) and Khoya mera man (Lyrics - Arora) are soft pleasing numbers quite unremarkable but for the ease Mahesh infuses them with.

Gayatri Mahesh is an Environment Safety Consultant by training and lives in Trumbull,CT. She had her training in music from an early age from her mother Usha Rao.She has performed extensively in the connecticut area as part of light music bands.

Why did she decide to do this CD? "Pandit Raghunath Seth, heard me sing and asked if I wanted to release a CD. I was happy to get the opportunity. Being a perfectionist he insisted that I should come and spend four months in Bombay and work on the music. I lived in a hostel in Bombay for those four months. It was a lot of hard work but in the end it was worth it" says Mahesh.

If you would like a copy of the CD please send mail to anil@lokvani.com and we will redirect your request.

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