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An Evening Of Indian Melodies

Press Release

Indian Melodies, an evening of classical music with Carnatic and Hindustani music was conducted on Sunday 19th October 2003 at Keefe Tech auditorium in Framingham. Minal Ajmera welcomed the audience. Opening Bhajan was performed by volunteer Pallavi Mansankhare followed by Carnatic Instrumental by students of Tara Anand and Durga Krishnan. The student team was Amrita Mangalat, Nandini Vijayakumar and Ramya Raghunathan on Veena and Ashwin Gargeya and Suhas Rao on Violin. Following the excellent performance by students, Tara Anand on Violin, Durga Krishnan on Veena and Pravin Sitaram on Mirdangam played an outstanding Carnatic Instrumental. Before the break Peo Nathan and Naveed Deshmukh gave an introduction on Next Generation Foundation's philosophy and operations.

After the break Warren Senders accompanied by Dr. George Ruckert on Harmonium and Nitin Mitta on Tabla mesmerized the crowd with Hindustani Vocals. The event was concluded by Pramit Makoday on NGF membership and donations, thank you note by Raji Rajalakshmi and closing Bhajan by Shyamala Viswanathan. Venki Sundarasen conducted the raffle followed by dinner. Polkadot clown Cindi Evans cheered the children with her balloons and face paintings. The whole event was co-hosted by Rajan Viswanathan and Vivek Shukla. The team of dedicated volunteers included Akhila Sundaresan, Bejoy Nair, Chandramouli, Chitra, Kamal Balan, Latha Thomas, Michael Sahayam, Nirmala Nathan, Ramona Michael, Sanchita, Sugi, Shrikant Patil, and Zaheed Deshmukh

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