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The Future Of Power – An Enlightening Experience

Ranjani Saigal

 Industrialist Nizar Juma in partnership with the Bramha Kumaris hosted a forum to discuss “soft power”, a term Juma used to define kind and compassionate leadership style.  The event was held Fairmont Copley Plaza on Sept 27, 2016. 

The event started with small group discussion on the qualities of an ideal leader.  Egoless-ness and humility stood out as important characteristics of the leaders that most people admired and wanted to emulate.  People also discussed their reflective practices. 

Nizar Juma shared his ten point soft-power plan that can bring joy while also bringing great success.  The ten points were:

* Control your thinking
* Stop Anger
* Meditate
* Don’t give sorrow
* Don’t take sorrow
* Stop the ‘Blame Game’
* Schedule personal meetings with yourself
* Manage your energy
* Do something selfless everyday
* Control over dependence on technology. 

The talk was followed by a meditation session led by the Director of Peace Village Dr. Kala Iyengar.  The people who attended the event felt uplifted by the experience. There was much food for thought and great ideas for daily living. 

There are over 9000 Bramhakumari centers all over the world.  New England also has several centers. To learn more about this group, please check their website at 

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