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Live Shivir With Acharya Ishan Ji

Hemant Shah

Acharya Ishanji will be conducting a LIVE interactive shivir in 5 cities in USA from Oct 21st through Oct 23rd. In Boston area, this LIVE shivir will be held from 11 AM to 7 PM in Helm Auditorium at 67 Union Street in Natick, MA.

In the Vedic scriptures, when churning of the ocean took place between angels and demons, different treasures came up periodically. The final treasure was called Elixir of Life. Similarly, our body is an ocean which is filled with treasures such as immortality, healing, knowledge and wisdom but we never try to discover the treasure that lies within. These days our entire search and findings are about getting advance technology but we do not make enough efforts to discover inner technology. 

Nectar of Life shivir is about finding the treasure that lies within our own body. These treasures include: 

Activation of creative powers reach our goals
Achieving perfect health through subtle meditative processes and exercises
Healing the self right down to the emotional, mental, spiritual and soul levels 
Unfolding abilities to fulfill the purpose of life - worldly and spiritual to the best of abilities 
Optimizing mental and spiritual functions of life through powerful meditations 
Building confidence through improving inner consciousness 
Strengthening the endocrine glands and core of the physical body 

The curriculum for this program involves interactive healing sessions, sacred breath work, gentle but powerful exercises and deep meditations that were practiced by the Holy Saints in their own journey to achieve self-realization. 

To register for this shivir, please visit - https://www.shivyogportal.com/#/events/691/register .

Please call 603-557-2836/978-973-0443 or send an email to Shivyog.Boston.Forums@gmail.com if you have any questions or need help with the registration. Visit www.shivyog.com for more details about all Shiv Yog programs.

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