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Support-A-Child (SAC) Presents "Krishnapriya"

Press Release

It is our pleasure to remind you about Support-a-child (SAC) Fundraising event, a program of World Hindu Council of America (VHPA) that provides: food, shelter, education and medical help to orphan and poor children in India. We have invited renowned dancer Aditi Bhagwat for this event. She and her associates will be presentingKrishnapriya, a dance drama depicting the divine love of Shree Krishna, Radha and Meera.

When: Sunday, September 18, 2016
Where: Keefe Tech750 Winter Street., Framingham, MA 01702
Time: 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM

SAC is VHPA's flagship project since 1985. Under it, currently, donors like you support total well-being, i.e., lodging, boarding, education and healthcare of 1100+ children in 18 states of India. These are often street children or children whose parents cannot afford to support them. SAC enables them to have a productive and prosperous future and thus become good citizens.

This is program an effort to raise much needed funds for needy children in India.Please support this event whole heartedly. We look forward to your positive support.

Tickets are only $20 per adult and $10 for children under 18. Dinner is available during intermission for $8. If you are a current or former donor of SAC or if you become a sponsor then you will get complimentary admission without paying for the ticket.

You can purchase the tickets online at <www.sacusa.org>. You can also reserve the tickets by sending an email to <rajisub@yahoo.com> with the name, phone # and email address and the number of tickets. You can pick up the tickets and pay at the door.

Though we prefer that you buy/reserve your ticket(s) in advance, you are welcome to walk in and buy the ticket on the spot.

Why you should be a donor to the Support-a-Child project:

1) Swami Vivekananda said, ”if the poor child cannot come to you, you should go to the child.” It costs only $250/year to support a child's complete care.

(2) You can decide whether you want to support a boy or a girl (or both) and in which state of India.

(3) SAC's overhead is less than 10%. 90% of your donation goes to the intended cause. We have an organization in Bharat that vets the recipient schools and you also get a yearly report card of the child with his/her photo. We have a track record of 30 years.

(4) “VHP of America” is a tax-exempt, non-profit organization duly registered in U.S., so all your generous donations to 'SAC' are tax deductible. There are Donors who sponsor 1, 2, 5, or 15 Children each year

While we most definitely want you to attend the program and enjoy the exhilarating dance drama, just in case, you cannot make it, do consider supporting one or more children by donating online at <www.sacusa.org>.

Please do not miss to see this short video clip showing what SAC is all about. <https://vimeo.com/143997401>.Please check out the attached trailer:

https://ssl.gstatic.com/docs/doclist/images/icon_10_generic_list.pngKrishnaPriyaTrailer (1).mp4

Thank you for your time. Please come to support this event and please help promote it by sharing the flier with your friends & family.

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