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Mother-Daughter Arangetram, One Of A Kind:
Radhika Nagalamadaka And Preeti Nagalamadaka

Deepika Sreenivas

July 23rd, 2016, a date that will forever hold a special place in our hearts. It was a memorable evening, mother & daughter duo, Radhika and Preeti Nagalamadaka, sparkled and glowed with intense artistry. My sister, Radhika, fulfilled her lifelong dream of completing Arangetram under the guidance and brilliance of her Dear Guru Smt. Neena Gulati, the founder and director of the Triveni School of Dance in Brookline, MA. It’s very special for a mother to share the stage with her daughter for such an awesome feat!  Neenaji, you made magic happen with such a great Aura and versatility that anyone would want to watch you all over and over again. To learn not one, but 3 different styles - Odissi, Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi - is nothing short of a challenge. To be able to maneuver from one style to another, incorporating the little nuances of each one takes time, years of learning and an understanding of presentation. We are all proud of your hard work, dedication and achievement. 

Radhika, you have not only made all of us proud, but have proved age is nothing but a number. It is not easy to pick up any art after a break of 25 years and you seem to have done it so well, inspiring each one in the audience. You did it again Radhika and proved you are no less in dance too unlike being a Topper throughout your career. Not only are you a fulltime software engineer but a wonderful daughter, caring sister, a true friend, a loving dear wife and an outstanding mother. 

Preeti, in spite of her hectic schedule has demonstrated a strong passion for dance at this young age of 14 by achieving such an amazing milestone. Once again a great inspiration to all. Preeti looked absolutely stunning and totally rocked the stage. Preeti was very playful and naughty as Krishna eating sand and her expressions were out of this world. What you both accomplished against all odds is what makes this more special. This must have been an extremely emotional and rewarding journey for you and we are glad you succeeded with flying colors. 

To watch this Mother-Daughter performance was motivating  & a  visual treat to be in the audience to see the phenomenal show accompanied by a live orchestra. We heard the beautiful voice of Prafulla Velury, awesome drum beats by Gaurishankar Chandrashekar, melodious flute by Hema Mahalaxmi Balasubramanian and lovely Violin music by Surya Sundararajan. Each contributed immensely to enhance the overall dance experience.  Full credits to Neenaji for the selection of items. There was a nice variety – Pada Vande and Saveri Pallavi in Odissi style; Puranchandrika Varnam, Krishna Nee begane and Hindolam Thillana in Bharatanatyam style; Bhama Kalapam, Shiv Shakthi and Tarangam in Kuchipudi style.

A person new to the dance form can never fully understand what the dancers are doing. But Guru Neenaji explained short stories in English and dancers demonstrated at the start of every dance which really helped many in the audience and made it easy to follow. The dance movements were exquisite, graceful and beautiful. The storytelling and expressions were breath taking. Every aspect of the event – from the beautiful venue (Scottish Masonic Museum, Lexington, MA), to  wonderful orchestra, to splendid decorations, to delicious food catered by Mayuri and service by all the volunteers, were mind blowing. We were blessed and moved to tears by the eloquent, touching speeches by friends and family. All in all, a Fantabulous enthralling inspirational show it was.

Stay as charming and versatile on stage with the grace of Lord Nataraja and the blessings of all the Gurus and elders, Radhika and Preeti! 

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