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Shri Balaji Murti Prana Pratistha Mahotsav At Shri Dwarakamai Vidyapeeth

Neeta Kalve

Shri Dwarakamai Vidyapeeth is performing the auspicious event of Shri Balaji Murti Prana Pratistha in the temple. A very rare event of its kind in the New England area, this event is being performed with five significant rituals, the Jaladhivasam (water) ritual performed on May 9th, Dhanyadhivasam (grain) ritual on June 18th, Ksheeradhivasam (milk) ritual on July 13th, Pushadhivasam (flower) ritual on July 14th and Sayaadhivasam (bed) ritual on July 15th.

The life size Murti of Lord Balaji (Shri Venkateshwara Swamy) arrived in time on the auspicious Shri Ram Navami day. The Prana Pratistha Mahotsav was initiated on the auspicious day Akshay Tritya Muhurtam on May 9th by performing the Jaladhivasam (water) ritual to emphasize centrality of water in the Vedas. During Jaladhivasam, lord Balaji was immersed in water in a reclining position. Water is the essence of life, the mantras chanted during this ritual is that all entities including vital air, animals and food are a form of water. Water shines brilliantly by itself and cannot be ruled over by any other entity. Truth is also considered as a form of water. The ritual began with MahaSankalp, Ganesha Puja followed by Kalasha Pooja. An elaborate Shri Sukta Homam was performed followed by Shri Mahalakshmi pooja. Devotees offered water to Swamy while chanting Shri Vishnu Sahasranama. The event was very well managed with more than 500 people attending, sequential tokens were assigned to devotees as they came and were allowed to offer water to Swamy in the order of tokens maintaining decline and silence during the chant to preserve the positive atmosphere created. The event concluded with Aarti and Mahaprasadam.

Lord Balaji will remain immersed in water for 45 days after which the second ritual, Dhanyadhivasam will be performed on June 18th. During this ritual Lord Balaji will be completely immersed in Dhanyam (grain). Bhagavan is saluted through this ritual as ‘Vishwa-bhuk’, the protector of universe. The essence is that Lord is recognized as the controller, master and consumer of the entire universe. Immersing Murti in Dhanyam is an act of offering to the Lord as complete surrender. Shri Dwarakamai invites all devotees to attend this rare event. For more details on the Lord Balaji (Shri Venkateshwara Swamy) Prana Pratishtha Mahotsav please visit:


All the significant milestones in the Balaji Murti Prana Pratistha Mahotsav are being performed with the help of months of careful planning and preparation by dedicated volunteers of Shri Dwarakamai Vidyapeeth continuing with their tradition of commitment to the Lord and society. Dwarakamai is an nonprofit organization actively engaged in organizing health, social, spiritual workshops and events benefiting all. 

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