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Impact Investing In Cleantech

Press Release

Impact Investing in Cleantech

When: June 15, 2016 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Where: Mass. Clean Energy Center, 63 Franklin St,  Boston, MA

Over the years, there is tremendous awareness of climate challenges and that has changed the behavior of many people, corporations and even countries. The COP 21 Climate Change Agreement in Paris late last year, has created quite an international effort to make something happen. Everyone recognizes that the cost to significantly reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions can be quite steep, but as many believe this can be managed. Private investors in addition to many governments have been providing funds to help drive the changes that are necessary. The major concern has been about the impact of these efforts on the economies and jobs across the globe. The recent growth of the solar PV deployment across the globe has shown that solar energy can have grid parity in many situations and further deployment will drive it towards grid parity in many more settings. The really good news has been that the wide scale deployment of solar PV has been accompanied by significant job creation in this industry.Impact Investors have been focused for many years, on financial returns and other metrics which include job creation and environmental ones.The focus of this event is to help entrepreneurs and the ecosystem building, providing and deploying clean technologies, better understand Impact Investors and how they influence companies impacting the environment and job creation.

We have reached out to experts who are active in the Impact Investing world to provide their special perspectives. The session will also include some entrepreneurs who have sought impact investments.


Vivek Soni, Managing Partner, Boston Cleantech Partners


Nancy Rosenzweig, Director, Big Path Capital

Paul Hilton, Portfolio Manager, Trillium Asset Management

Duane Peterson, Co-President, SunCommon

Chris Reim, Managing Director, CDVCA

Dave Miller, Executive Managing Director, Clean Energy Venture Group

Rob Day, Partner, Black Coral Capital

The speakers will discuss:
Who are impact investors and what is the scale of their impact
What do they want to accomplish
How do they influence the marketplace – jobs and clean technologies.
What are some of the unmet needs

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