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NESSP Performs Samuhika Satyanarayana Vrat Katha

Press Release

NESSP performed Samuhika Satyanarayana Vrat katha on 22nd March, the last full moon day of the Lunar month Phalguna, and on the occasion of Phalgun Purnima,  HOLI was celebrated on Saturday 26th March.

NESSP performed Satyanarayan vrat katha on Phalgun Purnima and around 40 families participated and performed the pooja under the guidance of Priest. All the devotees witnessed the blissful evening and truly enjoyed the festivities and Bhandara (Prasad) was served following baba’s Dhoop Aarthi.

HOLI-Festival of Colors, is observed by Indian community all over the world. On the day of Holi, people throw colored powder and liquids at each other. Holi Commemorates the miraculous story of Prahlada, a devoted follower of The Lord Vishnu. 

Hundreds of devotees gathered at Temple community hall and celebrated by dancing, singing and showering of different colors on each other. Social barriers are broken, as people of all ages, genders gathered together and celebrated the festival. Participants were offered a yummy drink during the celebrations. Everyone danced to the "Holi" songs and were drenched in different colors thrown by family members, friends and  co participants. Followed by celebrations,  Devotees were served with a sumptuous lunch, prepared by NESSP bhandara team.

Please find the pictures link for Holi and Satyanarayana Vrat katha



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