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Dashavatharam Presented By Janani Swamy

Prachi Hemmige

On January 29th 2016 as part of our dance school Spandha School of dance and creative arts we had a performance by Janani Swany who is also a Chemical Engineer by profession.

Janani auntie’s performance was truly a delight to watch. She is a very talented and a devoted dancer and I want to tell you all about it!

She began her recital with a Ganesha piece seeking his blessings. This was the composition of Smt Raji Narayan, her teacher.

She continued with the main piece Dashavatharam - Kamala Jasya , composed by the King Swati Tirunal and choreographed by her teacher Smt Raji Narayan.

This performance was all about the the 10 incarnations of God Vishnu. These incarnations are, Matsya, Kurma, Varaha, Narasimha, Vamana, Parashurama, Rama, Balarama Krishna, and finally Kalki. They were all performed extremely well by Janani auntie.

Janani auntie told us all about the item before the dance and I really liked how she took her time to explain what she was going to do, showing hand movements. It helped me understand the dance better.

In this dance, the music just flowed together with the beat of her steps and it sounded so perfect, both of them at the same time. The choreography was great and was stunning to the eye.

Also, I was so astonished when Janani auntie didn’t stop in between [I was expecting her to]. She has a lot of stamina to do a 40 minute dance, and a lot of courage too, [performing in front of so many people].

In this dance I could understand all the parts very well. I could comprehend the part where Bali said “put the 3rd foot on my head", or when Narasimha killed Hiranyakashipu, or when Krishna hid the gopi’s clothes. These episodes stood out the most.

I also liked how she did Jathis between each incarnation, which gave a clean demarcation.

Some of the steps that Janani auntie did were similar to what I have learnt in my dance class.

Janani auntie’s beautiful ruby-red-pink dress and the shimmering golden necklace and bangles she was wearing looked fabulous on her and it felt like a traditional bharatanatyam performance.

Janani auntie’s presentation was truly amazing. With music and of course her rhythmic steps, it brought the dance to life. I loved the performance very much with all my heart and I'm sure everyone felt the same too. Hope to see more such performances. 

Here is the Link to her performance:


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