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South Asian Showdown Dance 2016

Press Release

South Asian Showdown sold out for the 7th straight year! There were many people scrambling for tickets, but unfortunately the show had sold out out early Saturday morning.

The crowd was made up of more than 40% non-south asians! That is HUGE landmark as it's showing how integrated our events are becoming with the general community. We want to spread the love of our culture to everybody and that is happening!

We had 12 teams with only 2 from Boston and every other team from a different state! It was a very diverse group of teams from across the nation that was made up of co-ed teams, female teams and boys teams.

Rohit Bhambi (president of South Asian Nation) quotes:

"This year was a phenomenal success with us being sold out, starting and ending on time and having a HUGELY diverse audience! The teams were phenomenal as was showcased by the tremendous level of support and positive feedback we received after the event! A huge year for us!"

"The support from the general community was huge this year! We had many promotional sponsors, including Lokvani, which helped us get the word out there to many many people!"

"The top 3 placing teams were fought through with the judges. It was a tough deliberation process but it came down to a couple teams that had just a bit more than the other teams did. Overall, a fantastic representation of bollywood/fusion dance."

"Anybody who hasn't seen this show is missing out. It's the best value event that you can come to in New England with the level of professionalism and sheer talent portrayed on stage. Don't miss out next year in 2017!"

Team Information for placing teams:

1st Place - RU Sapa
SAPA's dance troupe made history in 2000 by becoming the first co-ed South Asian dance troupe in 
the United States. Incorporating various elements of dancing, SAPA integrated styles such as 
Classical, Bollywood, and Hip-hop to introduce the Rutgers community to a style of dance that was 
never before seen on campus and soon after, the entire nation. The members of SAPA wish to 
enhance the involvement of the South Asian community at Rutgers through this expressive form and to 
showcase the art of Indian dancing from its roots to the evolving, energetic style that it is today.

2nd Place - Broad Street Baadshahz
The Broad Street Baadshahz are an all-male award winning South Asian Fusion Dance Team, located in 
Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love. The Baadshahz are nationally ranked, and we have dancers from 
all over the Northeast including: New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware and more, 
specializing in: Bollywood, Bhangra, Contemporary, and Hip-Hop. We are comprised of various races, 
ethnic groups, and backgrounds. By meshing different styles of dance we strive to provide our audiences 
with numerous breath-taking stunts, formations, and sequences of choreography. Being a fusion team 
allows us to display what we think is the next big thing in entertainment.

3rd Place - BU Jalwa
Constantly integrating traditional and modern styles of dance from the East and the West, Jalwa pushes limits with its choreography and fusion elements. Jalwa, or "passion" in Hindi, is what unites this team - a passion to dance, a passion to perform, and a passion to create excitement within the crowd. Our devotion to creativity, overall dedication, and undying love for one another is what sets us apart.  We are not just a dance team, we are a family.  We are Boston University Jalwa - one team, one passion.

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