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Smita Jayakar: Chakra Healing And Meditation Workshop

Press Release

Transcend Horizons LLC and Media partner BDC TV presents

"Chakra Healing and Mediation Expert – Featuring Chakra expert from India - Smita Jayakar
Saturday, June 4th, 2016

Come spend a day nurturing and caring for yourself through a one-day Chakra Healing and Meditation workshop with renowned Chakra Healing and Meditation expert from India – Smita Jayakar. Learn about the Chakra system and techniques to tune in to and open up the seven energy centers of the subtle body for your most vibrant and balanced mind, body, and soul.

Program Details:
-Detailed knowledge of Chakras
-Introducing hand chakras and foot Chakra's
-Exercises for all Chakra's
-Chakra meditation...
-Grounding of root chakra
-Aura shielding
-Hands on healing and offering gratitude

Benefits of the workshop:
• Expert from India with valuable 30 years of experience on Chakra healing 
• Certification on completion of the one-day workshop by Maithri Bodh,India 
• Home Practice Techniques 
• Material covered in the workshop

Venue: TUFTS University
Alumnae Lounge
108 Packard Ave,
MA: 02155

 Time: 9:30 am - 4:30 pm 
Cost: $150 
(Includes Lunch and Tea)

Limited Capacity Event

Opportunity of SPONSORSHIPS & Registrations 
Contact Nandita Kotian - Nandita@transcend.events  203.979.5499 
RSVP by March 25 th 

 About the Expert:
Smita is a legendary Indian movie actress based out of Mumbai, India. In her quest to seeking a balance in her hectic life as a successful actress and family life, she embarked upon a journey that led her to the path of meditation and healing. Oneness University of Spirituality in Chennai, India was her first spiritual experience of a process known as the phala diksha—the fruit boon the turning point. Under the Guidance of Sri Prabhudas Thakke, Smita has spent 30 years tuning her life with expertise in soul guidance and Chakra healing. Smita is a certified Reiki Grand Master, certified also in Yoga, Kundalini energy, Advanced Pranic Healing, Master in Chakra Healing, Access Bars - Access Consciousness. She has held successful workshops in UK and the US.

Smita is also heavily vested in the community, holding youth centric workshops, raising funds through workshops toward underprivileged girl’s education, save the girl child projects. 

Smita is also affiliated and key person in the Maithri Bodh organization. The mission of this organization is to uplift human consciousness to a higher state through love, peace and harmony.

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1.reikhi May 27, 2016Balakrishnan 

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