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National Botulinum Research Center In Dartmouth As A Major Contributor To The Pharma Company Acquired By Allergan

Press Release

Anterios, Inc., which started as Encapsion, with the Botulinum Research Center (BRC) initially located at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, was acquired by Allergan on January 7, 2016. 

Allergan acquired Anterios for an upfront payment of $90 million and potential development and commercialization milestone payments related to a topical delivery technology, NDS, developed by Anterios that could enable local, targeted delivery of neurotoxins through the skin without the use of needles. This approach is currently being studied for the potential treatment of hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), acne and crow's feet lines. 

“It is so fulfilling to see basic research ideas being acquired by a biopharma leader that will continue to advance its development,” said Professor Bal Ram Singh, Ph.D., President of the Institute of Advanced Sciences, who continues to direct the BRC.

Singh, who was given Founding Member share in Anterios, will receive pro rata share of the $90 million up front payment Anterios received, and will be eligible for share from potential develoment and commercialization milestone payments. He  is also the beneficiary of the topical botulinum delivery technology that Anterios licensed from UMass Dartmouth. 

“The Botulinum Research Center was a key scientific partner for Anterios in its early days of developing its botulinum-based products,” said Dr. Jon Edelson, CEO of Anterios before its acquisition by Allergan.

Singh attributed the successful collaboration with Anterios to his team of researchers, particuarly to Dr. Shuowei Cai, Associate Professor at the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, UMass Dartmouth, and Mr. Paul Lindo, Director of Operations at the Institute. Others who played a significant role are Dr. Pingke Fang and Ms. Jenny Davis.

Before its acquisition by Allergan, Anterios spun out into another company, Eirion Therapeutics, supported by its shareholders to continue developing some non-exclusive technologies. That will provide further opportunities to the BRC to play a supporting role.

The BRC, now under the Institute of Advanced Sciences, continues to be a leader internationally in botulinum research through its projects and an annual symposium it organizes in the summer in the South Coast region. In 2008, the BRC received the Economic Impact Award from the New Bedford Area Chamber of Commerce.

Contact – Paul Lindo, 508-999-1191

Botulinum Research Center is supported by federal and private funding to carry out basic and applied research on botulinunm neurotoxins and related biotechnology. It has been holding an international annual sympsoium botulinum research. 

Institue of Advanced Sciences is a non-profit educational institution to promote reseasrch and teaching. It integrates material sciences with society's needs for progress in the areas of health, wealth, and environmental harmony.

Board of Advisors

Michael Adler, US Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense
Terry Bowlin, Microbiotix, Inc., USA
Klaus Fink, MERZ Pharma, Germany
Keith Foster, IPSEN Ltd., UK
David Hodge, US Department of Homeland Security
Andy Pickett, Toxin Sciences Ltd., UK
Shashi Sharma, US Food and Drug Administration
Kodumudi Venkateswaran, Omni Array Biotech, Inc., USA

Symposium Coordinators:

Shuowei Cai, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Raj Kumar, Institute of Advanced Sciences

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