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Empowering South Asian Women By Building Positive Self-Esteem In Healthy Relationships

Press Release

Saheli Support Group

11 Bedford Street, Burlington.
Empowering South Asian Women by Building Positive Self-Esteem in Healthy Relationships
Every Wednesday from March 2nd 2016 to April 20, 2016
Time: Mornings from 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Location:  11 Bedford Street, Burlington.
 The following topics will be covered:
Week 1         Defining and Understanding Self-Esteem
Week 2         Know your rights, know your general needs, and identify personal needs
Week 3         Socialization of females and Gender stereotyping
Week 4         Identifying and communicating needs in Healthy Relationships
Week 5         Exploring Boundaries
Week 6         Coping with Emotions
Week 7         Assertiveness versus Aggression
Week 8         Recap of course, celebration, learning to move on
Please call our helpline: 1-866-472-4354 (1-866-4 SAHELI) or email info@saheliboston.org
Refreshments (tea and snacks) will be provided

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