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In Conversation With Anupama Shah, Owner, Spa And Salon

Nirmala Garimella

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Anupama Shah, owner

My passion with the beauty industry started way back when I was growing up in India, long before I moved to USA in 1995.  I was surrounded by natural skin care treatments and styling services, and I remember practicing giving facials to my friends and family who would always feel refreshed and radiant afterwards. Health and beauty soon became my passion, and over the years, I learned and mastered the art of skin and hair care.  Now that my children have entered college, high school and middle school, I began to focus on pursuing my passion further and created Anupama Spa and Salon. With over a decade of extensive experience with the aesthetic industry, I understand the importance of nourishing your hair and skin because doing so truly does invigorate a person. Looking good equals feeling good, and I am continually learning how to help others feel and look their best. Anupama Spa and Salon is a result of my passion, and my goal is to help you feel confident in your skin because you deserve it!

Why Anupama Spa and Salon?
Our goal is to be “the destination” for all South Asian community who are looking to get a personalized and professional skin, hair care and bridal makeup in an ambience that is a blend of western and eastern aesthetics to make you feel at home.
Anupama Spa and Salon provides the only comprehensive and complete head-to-toe offering in the area with the level of service satisfaction that would make you the talk of the town and an urge to spread that secret around with your friends and relatives.  We do that by offering you a beauty oasis with services that restore, replenish, and revive you with a unique collection of treatments in a luxurious, comfortable setting.
We are dedicated for the needs of South Asian women, and we strive to provide memorable experiences and service excellence, to exceed expectations, and to create an environment where inner and outer beauty is celebrated. Our mission is to inspire you to feel confident, comfortable, and beautiful in your own skin.
What is so unique about Anupama Spa and Salon?
Number one on our list is client satisfaction.  If you are not satisfied for any reasons with our services, we won’t charge you for the service, period. 
Number two, we want to be different from any one else in the market today in terms of providing you with the personalized and professional experience you would expect from a leading spa and salon at reasonable prices with innovative customer loyalty programs that we offer to our top tier customers.

 What are the various services you offer?

We offer complete head-to-toe services for skin care, facials, hair treatments, hair cuts, pedicure, manicure, threading eyebrows, bridal makeup, arangetrum makeup, henna tattoos and henna hair color all under one roof.

Future goals?
Our mission is to inspire everyone to achieve their personal best through our personal best. We aspire to become the most prominent destination in greater Boston for South Asian women to relax, renew, and revive themselves.

Share some General tips on daily care?

 Here are a few tips to keep looking younger, 

Moisturize your face, neck and hands everyday: In the morning, wash your face and apply daytime moisturizer with SPF even while your face and neck is still damp. Allow the skin to absorb the moisturizer, before you apply makeup. Don’t forget the skin around your eyes and also your hands. At nights before you apply moisturizer, spend more time to wash your face and be sure to remove all the dirt and make up from deep inside the pores. Apply a nighttime moisturizer ideally that contains hyaluronic acid to face, neck and hands.

Drink more water: Drink as much water as you can, it’s so good for your skin and your overall health. You’ll definitely look and feel a lot younger when you start drinking enough water.

Get plenty of rest and avoid stress: Sleep is a luxury that you must indulge in. When we sleep, our cells are renewed and our skin heals itself. Sleeping enough should be given high priority to stay beautiful and healthy. Stress is a great factor that ages your skin within a short time. Sometimes stress can’t be avoided, but it is important to learn some relaxation techniques, at least breathing techniques a few times a day. Take a bath after a long day, or simply soak your feet in a relaxing foot soak, close your eyes and put in your head phones and stay away from the world for 15 minutes listening to your favorite music.

To Minimize Under-eye Circles: Tea bags can heal the tired-looking eyes. The caffeine in the tea helps shrink the underlying dark blood vessels and also reduces puffiness. Soak tea bags, ideally green tea, in a little hot water for a minute.  Place the soaked tea bags in a refrigerator, let them get chilled and place them directly over your eyes for 15 minutes.

 To Soothe Skin: Pour half cup of cold raw milk into a bowl. Place a clean white wash cloth into the milk and let it soak for 1-2 minutes. Remove excess milk from the wash cloth and place the cloth over clean face. Leave for 10 minutes. Follow this tip daily for a brighter, tighter, smooth and gorgeous skin. Milk contains proteins, fats, amino acids, and vitamin A. The lactic acid in milk gently exfoliates the skin and nourishes it from deep inside.

 Never under-estimate the power of a facial: Have a facial on a regular basis, once or twice a month for radiant flawless skin. If you don’t have time to hit a parlor, invest in good face packs available in the market. At least get face massage and steam it regularly. Regular facial brings a lot of difference in the skin. The deep pore cleansing gets rid of toxins and dirt and makes the skin look refreshed and luminous.


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