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Laugh A While


   A businessman had arranged an important formal dinner party at 
 his home where they were going to serve stuffed whole baked fish 
 as the main course. While the guests were eating the appetizer, the 
 cook came to the host and whispered "Please come urgently to the 
 kitchen." The host went to the kitchen where the cook explained that 
 while she was serving the starter, the cat ate a big chunk of the fish 
 which they were going to serve. The host said, "Just fill the hole 
 with stuffing and turn the other side up, nobody will notice." 
 The fish was served and when they were nearly finished eating, the 
 host was again called to the kitchen. The cook said, "The cat is dead!" 
 The host rushed back to the dinner party and apologized, "Something 
 was wrong with the fish and everyone must have their stomachs pumped 
 out at the hospital." When they came back everything was still fine 
 and the host went to ask the cook, "Where is the cat?" 
 "Oh," said the chef, "The cat is still by the road where the 
 truck ran it down!"

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