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Campaign For Truth

Himanshu Gandhi

I remain inspired by Bapuji’s profound contribution to humanity and with his unwavering respect for each and every human being… goading each of us mortals to pursue the Truth within and there by make our humble contribution to lead conscientious rise of society at large.
As Bapuji noted in his autobiography, ‘The Story of My Experiments with Truth’, "I have noticed this characteristic difference in the popular attitude- partiality for exciting work, dislike for quiet constructive effort. The difference has persisted to this day." It is not difficult to join a thumping march with loud slogans in a campaign to stop corruption in support of Lokpal, or abject disregard for law in support of victims of gang rapes, or incessant corporate greed in support of Occupy Wall Street movement, but very difficult to take one step forward… when campaign comes to truth in self. We need to come clean with ourselves first and foremost and vow to root for principled self. No broom can clean the room, unless it is clean.
There is more work to be done, in the land of Bapuji, and every large corner of the world where greed and deceit reside. No one man or woman... or even two... or even two hundred can effectuate a lasting positive change in any society...
The critical pith for success of a society, be it anywhere, in pitching a successful battle against corrupt practices, starts with a critical mass of its members putting their full faith and complete stock in righteousness… without which, the bridge would have been built… without foundations in place.
Unless critical mass of people sing tunes of truthful conduct and righteousness... and diligently work to enthuse those in their circle of influence to renounce deceit...
... there is no quitting on the trajectory of decent... be it anywhere on the face of the earth.
Unless there is a critical mass to support self reform and selfless motive driven objectivity  within halls of governance, rational for common good ideas... will only get lip service at best.
For critical mass we need 20%... and no more. For, it is generally observed that 1 out of 100 will be a purist and vocally virtuous. While 9 out of 100 will be deceitful and willing to save his/her turf at any cost. The other 90 will be pulled in at various times between the tug-of-the-two and will generally find themselves sitting-on-fence when asked to take sides. If 19 out of those 90 get somehow influenced to be consistently virtuous… deceit will be defeated in each and every show-down.
Before there is a critical mass, there needs to be a starting point… self.
We all may have, or have had, some… "ignorance", "excuse", "limitation" or "circumstance beyond our control"... to give into flair of deceit, or not mount enough resistance to it.
Are we ready yet to call out deceit from within self?
If so... kindly join in to support 'Campaign for Truth' and sign on to a solemn Pledge to support cause for truth in self, by following the link below… and then reach out to everyone in your circle of influence to do the same. And be a compatriot to at least 1018 other souls who have pledged to not further "goals" of their lives by pumping on deceit... and work consciously to lighten up on deceit when and where possible and to the extent possible.
Unless we care to side with truth for our own self, we loose our right to point any of the million fallacies everywhere else, or claim to solve any of those problems... any where... from local school, to hospital, to place of faith, to local or national government. Only way we can mount some resistance to the scourge and pandemic of deceit… is to band together with virtuous wherever and whenever possible to raise the pitch... of our voice of reason.
Your participation will change the equation.
The Pledge is not to halt deceit completely… though that is the final objective… but to diminish its thrust to the minimum and apply resistance when possible. 

As long as our deliberate effort is to check and control our own deceit whenever and wherever possible, one can take on the pledge.

Any and every humble effort of ours towards self reform will energize those in our circle of influence to do the same... and will in turn give humanity a huge impetus to sustain its struggle for survival... a bit longer. 

Kindly join in. Let us all do our bit.

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1.Campaign for Truth December 18, 2015Himanshu Gandhi 

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