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September 11 - Two Years Later


The day that changed the course of history.

Two years have passed since that infamous day, but the echoes still linger … from New York to Afghanistan to Iraq and all over the world. The day that turned physical destruction and human tragedy into moral triumph and united millions of Americans, and citizens of the world, with a common emotional bond.

Today, the world is a different place. A scarier, unsafe one. It is as though the main victim of the Sept 11 attacks was our sense of innocence, of optimism and nonchalance. We are wary today and untrusting, of everything. About unknown countries, groups, weapons of mass disinformation. No clear truths are forthcoming from the purveyors of information in this information age.

The actions of that day have brought upon the world and its people, terrible pointless enmity, distrust, wars and loss of innocent lives. As we mourn the dead of terrorist attacks all over the world we hope that this anniversary again be a time for coming together as a community to remember those who died and to reaffirm the values of liberty, global fraternity, free speech and civil discourse.

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