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Youth: 11-Year Old Sanya Goenka Campaigns For AIF LAMP Program


Sanya Goenka, a 11year old and a native of Wellesley  who raised $3000 online for the LAMP program continues to spread the word about AIF and the children that benefit from the LAMP campaign by starting a Pen Pal Program in her Grade 5 class at her school BB&N in Cambridge, MA ( Buckingham, Browne & Nichols School ).

Sanya had first spoken to her classmates and her teacher about the LAMP campaign when she was fundraising for it back in Jan 2015.A few of her friends had contributed to the cause at that time.

After the campaign ended she felt that she should continue to create more awareness and educate the kids in her class about the lives and realities of the children in India and how they can help them.

She decided to start a Pen Pal program where all the kids from her class ( 20 grade 5 students ) made postcards and wrote about themselves and their lives/hobbie etc. Her class teacher too wrote a letter for the teacher there.
These postcards were then mailed by AIF here to the AIF chapter in India. 

This summer on vacation to India Sanya decided to visit the AIF ABLE site Naitional Institue of the Blind.

Below is the link to her blog posted on the AIF website and facebook page:


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