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Helen Moriarty - IndiArt Judge

Jharna Madan

1. Please tell us about your involvement with Art.
I have always enjoyed  drawing since I was a child. I did not have much instruction until I took a class in High School.  The teacher really inspired me to take night classes, when I had time after I graduated Tufts College.

Later on I got a Fine Arts degree at Northeastern Univ.  Since then I taught art for many years in Lowell, MA, been the president of the Chelmsford Art Society and have been in and run many art shows.

2. What does being 'creative' mean to you? 
Being Creative is when you use another part of your mind to make something "Out of the Box".  When you do this, you can create something that nobody but you have thought of.

3. Do you think art can be used to communicate a message to the society?
Art definitely communicates. When an artist paints a picture, whatever he chooses to paint, it is really his message to society.  Now, artists can reach people in all kinds of media, for example, the internet, TV, etc.

4. Why did you decide to judge Ekal's IndiArt competition? 
I am always interested in encouraging art students.  Gopika Narula, a friend from the Chelmsford Art Society asked me, and I was happy to say yes.

5. Any piece of advice for our young artists?
My advice to young artists is to keep working and enjoying art.  Some students will go on to study and and become artists, but for those who go into other fields they might not have time. The art lessons they art taking now will always come back to enhance their lives in their homes,  their work and their view of life.
6. In one line define art:… Art is…
Art is a way to open your eyes, heart and mind.

The awards ceremony and auction of art work will be held on Sunday, May 3, 3 - 5pm at Academy of Creative Arts, Burlington, MA.

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