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Vandana Sharma - IndiArt Judge

Jharna Madan

Vandana Sharma is a recent interior design graduate with 10 years of graphic design experience. She had twice won an international competition called.. A’ DESIGN AWARDS, for conceptual interior design projects. A renowned artist, IndiArt is honored to have such a mulit-talented judge.
1. Please tell us about your involvement with Art.
A: As a kid I always loved to draw people's portraits. When in teens I started taking Art lessons and later did my Bachelors with major in Drawing and painting. Also completed MA Previous in Drawing Painting. 
Move to USA. Pursued Graphic Design and illustrator as a career from 1997 to 2007. 
Recently, earned MA in Interior Design from Suffolk Univ in 2013. Now working for Parker Torres in Sudbury. My websites...
2. What does being 'creative' mean to you?

A: being creative means to find solutions and make this world a beautiful place. 
3. Do you think art can be used to communicate a message to the society?
A: Our minds are beautiful, do project them out thru art for all of us see how beautiful you are.
Communicate visually. 
4. Why did you decide to judge Ekal's IndiArt competition?

A: I love the amazement that kids art reveal. I enjoy their expression. 
5. Any piece of advice for our young artists? 
A: Keep pursuing Art. Draw and paint. It is like a good meditation. 

6. In one line define art:… Art is…
A: To me...Art is a dip in the vibrant and colorful ocean of self!

The awards ceremony and auction of art work will be held on Sunday, May 3, 3 - 5pm at Academy of Creative Arts, Burlington, MA.

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