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SAPNE – Quarterly Poetry Reading At Lexington

Press Release

South Asia Poets of New England (SAPNE) is an informal group bringing together poets and writers from the Indian subcontinent to share creative work celebrating languages and thoughts.  The group has been meeting quarterly since 2008.  A formal India Poetry Reading is convened at Harvard University every year and has been in operation since 1997.

The fall quarterly meeting of the group is scheduled at Cary Memorial Library at 1874 Massachusetts Avenue, Lexington, MA 02420 on Sunday November 23, 2014 from  2 pm to 4:30 5 pm.  Through this note we invite all individuals interested in South Asia to join the reading by sharing any piece of literature.  While new compositions are encouraged, literary material in any language can be read representing the diversity and depth of human thinking in the South Asian world.  While the language is not a barrier, a short educational material on the recitation is helpful.

Currently SAPNE consists of about forty poets from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal, covering the languages prevalent in the countries including English.  Many of the poets have established themselves through publications and more prolific literary outreach.  Most are actively writing and participating in recitations in New England Area.

SAPNE encourages new voices from women and the youth.  Age is not a bar; neither there is any restriction on the material to recite.  The human literary creativity is expressed through the human voice.  SAPNE helps create the voice of South Asia through its thoughtful language expressions.  You may also like to read any special poem from the classical literature.  SAPNE celebrates the joy of expression and recitation.

We welcome you to join SAPNE and share your reading with the group.  You may contact any of the following for any follow up questions or other required information:   

Bijoy Misra (misra.bijoy@gmail.com, 617-864-5121),

Chandu Shah (bostonwale@gmail.com, 781.983.4941)

Syed Ali Rizvi (alirizvi@aol.com, 973-220-2713)

Let South Asian poetry permeate through the voices of New England.

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