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Brahma Kumaris Celebrate Shivratri

Press Release

The “74th MAHA SHIVRATRI Celebrations” was held at the Watertown Middle School on Saturday, February 20th from 2:00 – 5:00 pm. The Indian community gathered together Saturday to experience God’s power and protection through this special celebration of Shivratri, organized by the Brahma Kumaris Learning Center for Peace in Watertown, MA.

The program provided a unique blend of experience sharing, Indian song and dance, experiential meditation, as well as a spiritual art gallery and the video Darshan of 12 famous Jyothirlingam temples in India. All exhibits and performances were designed to highlight how the light of God touches the earth in these dark times, allowing us to recognize our true spiritual selves, experience the true nature of God the Supreme and thereby experience His power and protection in our everyday lives.

The highlight of the program was the flag hoisting ceremony, when leaders of many local organizations came together to hoist the flag of God Shiva. The flag symbolizes the central message of the program that God has come to bring the light of knowledge on to earth in this time of darkness. All participants joined in this joyous and symbolic ceremony.

Another highlight of the evening was the drama, performed by members of the Brahma Kumaris Learning Center for Peace. This skit showcased the message that it is our individual choice to recognize God and ourselves and listen to His call, the call of our time. Only through this recognition can we move forward from sorrow into true, everlasting happiness.

The keynote speaker for the evening was Dr. Kala Iyengar, an experienced Raja Yogi who serves as the director of Peace Village Learning and Retreat Center in upstate New York. She participated in a panel discussion and addressed questions regarding how we can experience peace in our lives, where to find compassion in a world full of prejudices, and the differences between meditation and prayer. Central to her message was the understanding that we can only experience true peace in this life through the recognition of our own true spiritual nature. She clarified that when we truly understand that we are souls, children of one God, brothers and sisters, peace will come into our lives and the world. Through a deep connection with our Father, the Supreme Soul, we can see our true nature of peace and experience the power and protection of God in our lives.

Other performances included the children’s song and four dances by local performers including the Triveni School of Dance, Nrithyasadhana, Natyanjali Group of Dance, and Eastern Rhythms School of Dance. All enjoyed an uplifting afternoon!

At the end of the event, many pledged to let go of one or more of their weaknesses, (i.e. anger, jealousy, resentment, greed, etc.) in writing to God Shiva

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