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Posted On: December 5, 2012
Posted by: Susie
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The only accurate way to "repair" your credit is by yourself. I thought that I had the worst credit and automatically was applying for a prepaid cell phone. Turns out that it wasn’t thaaat bad but bad enough that they turned me down for one of the better plans. However, I did request a copy of my free credit report that I was entitled to. Upon receiving it, I was absolutly shocked. They had several different addresses for me of which I had never lived. There were at least 5 different social security numbers listed, and of course debts that were NOT mine! I called them and they said that somehow my info had gotten tagged with another person’s info. Huh! I don’t know how many prospective employers saw this let alone anyone else. It made me look like a con artist. I know this is a long story but learn from it please. Always check the status of your credit report!!! I did finally repair my credit report.References : new york car insurance free car insurance quotes

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