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Subject: Condolences
Posted On: March 26, 2009
Posted by: Ravi
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My name is Ravi Seecharan from Trinidad and Tobago, I recently had the opportunity to meet Pandit Ramsamooj Gi, but under unfortunate circumstances, i.e on The death of his dear Father and renowned Aarcharya, I would like to dedicate this poem to him and the family of the Ramsamoojs' on this occasion, may god bless them and may Aacharya Sookdeo Ramsamooj rest in peace. We Can’t Believe You’re Gone Dad, our sadness knows no end; We can’t believe you’re gone; We’re grieving for you every day; It’s hard to carry on. You were always there to support and care, When we needed a true friend, How we’ll ever do without our dad, We cannot comprehend. You were our teacher and our guide, Our dad, so good and strong; Your example will sustain us now, And last our whole lives long. We’re trying to communicate; We hope that you can hear; Expressing what we feel for you, Helps us feel you’re near. Our memories of the times we had Help the pain to go away. But Dad, our lives won’t be the same; We’ll miss you every day. A part of us went with you; You left a gap too big to fill; You’re our father and our hero; We love you and we always will.

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