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Yoga & Meditation Event at Shri Dwarkamai Shirdi Sai Baba Temple
Panchkoshi Yoga training camp at shri Dwarkamai Temple from 24 Aug to 28 Aug.

Details :
Aug 24 6-8 PM Introduction to Scientific and Spiritual concept of Panch Kosh Yogic Science. Lecture - Understanding Annmay Kosh (Physical Body).Plus Q/A Session.

Aug 25 7-9 AM Practical on Annmay Kosh (Physical Body).

Aug 25 3-5 PM Lecture - Understanding Pranmay Kosh (Etheric Body) . Plus Q/A Session.

Aug 25 5-7 PM Upnishad Science – Pragyopnishad Plus Q/A Session.

Aug 26 7-9 AM Practical on Pranmay Kosh (Etheric Body).

Aug 26 3-5 PM Lecture – Understanding Manomay Kosh ( Astral Body)

Aug 26 5-7 PM Super Science of Gayatri (Gayatri Mahavigyan)

Aug 27 5-8 PM Practical Manomay Kosh ( Astral Body). Lecture – Understanding Vigyanmay Kosh (Cosmic Body) Plus Q/A. Practical Vigyanmay Kosh (Cosmic Body)

Aug 28 5- 8 PM Lecture Understanding Anandmay Kosh (Causal Body) Plus Q/A.Practical Anandmay Kosh (Causal Body), Samapan. Deep Yagna.

NOTE: Please bring your Yoga mats for morning sessions. Open to all at no cost!

Date: 08/27/2018
Location: Shri Dwarkamai Shirdi Sai Baba Temple 267 Boston Rd #9, North Billerica, MA 01862
Time: 8/25-8/28

Cost: Free

Contact: 1-781-654-5826

Email: mapanchkoshisadhna@gmail.com

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